Andrex door drop campaign attracts praise!

by graham on 18/04/2011

Having recently completed a nationwide door drop campaign on behalf of Kimberly Clark and their Andrex Skin Kind brand, we are pleased to report positive feedback and to share the wonderfully creative piece created by marketing agency SMP Ltd. 

Featured on the Brand Republic web site recently, the item has attracted praise from industry experts due to it’s bold approach; namely the unbranded front cover that folds open to reveal a high quality design, incorporating a coupon into a door drop item that consumers will be incentivised to keep. 

Furthermore, the item includes a high value coupon to generate response, as well as featuring a prize draw that allows consumer data to be captured – achieving a number of strategic objectives whilst maintaining creativity and simplicity.

The Letterbox Consultancy has worked with SMP Ltd to create a targeting model that allows the client to concentrate distribution in key areas, whilst ensuring that the profile of consumer receiving the item is appropriate for the creative. 

With the targeting in place, The Letterbox Consultancy has organised and managed the distribution of the item to these target households. 

We have copied some of the article below, and if you’d like more details on how we can plan and manage a bespoke door drop campaign for your company, please get in touch.


Quality and design are supreme in creating a great door drop.  Yet considering the vast creative options available for these campaigns, mailers can often follow a very safe, well trodden path of adequacy.

While door drops are great at generating a strong response and return on investment, to really maximise ROI requires a willingness to break the mould. This is what Andrex have done with their Skin Kind door drop campaign. It’s brave and innovative from its bold colours, sharp imagery and distinctive layout to its messaging and incentivised call to action. The result is a mailer that consumers will want to keep hold of. 

The unbranded front cover is a risk, but the anticipation it generates will strongly encourage consumer curiosity to turn the cover. 

The use of coupons and prize draws in door drops as a call to action has long been an important and effective part of FMCG marketer’s inventory. The prize draw and 75p off coupon, which is handily perforated, closes the Andrex mailer on a high. It encourages the reader to trial and buy, as well as enable Andrex to collect data from interested consumers that can be used for future campaigns.

Great creative like this needs to be targeted effectively to ensure it delivers the ROI it deserves.

Access to full report: Brand Republic, Phil Ricketts, Head of Door to Door, Royal Mail.

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