Graham Dodd

Door drop performs well in difficult times

3 April 2019

You may recall that our volume summary for last year revealed a fall from an average of 6.3 items per week in 2017 to 5.5 items in 2018. All market sector volumes were down. On the surface, a slightly depressing analysis, perhaps fuelled by Brexit worries and concerns. What would 2019 bring? Well Brexit worries […]

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More than ‘just a distribution company’!

11 March 2019

I’d like to think most of the clients on behalf of whom we plan and implement door drop activity are appreciative of the science behind the planning process. The fact that we enjoy so many long term relationships, whether they are an agency of any description, printer or any sort of “middle man”, even clients […]

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Why does my door drop volume keep changing?

4 March 2019

A commonly asked question by clients, particularly those who repeat the same door drop coverage within weeks/months of their last drop. There are a number of reasons, which can vary by final mile supplier. From both a Royal Mail door to door and team distribution perspective, new builds are an obvious change. Once new housing […]

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Three Creative Reviews!

8 February 2019

Every now and again, a door drop item arrives through my letterbox which prompts me to write a creative review, probably with a consumer bias, but also as a door drop expert. Well in the last couple of weeks, three have arrived, so here goes! Argos – the leaflet arrived on Friday February 1st, for […]

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Volume Blog – 2018 Summary

4 February 2019

Our door drop volume monitor in Cheshunt reveals an average weekly receipt in 2018 of 5.5 items, a drop from 2017’s 6.3, itself a drop from 7.3 in 2016. That has surprised us in comparison to our trading record as a company, which has seen us continue our year on year growth over that period, […]

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Thanks to all our clients

13 December 2018

It’s an appropriate time to reflect on what TLC has achieved in the last year and what perhaps the future may bring. 2017 was a very successful year for us and at this time last year, we were planning how we could improve further. That involved more staff, improved systems and services, plus a commitment […]

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I fear for the future of door drops

9 November 2018

Post the supposed Armageddon of GDPR, door drops are, according to many, a medium set to flourish. Suddenly, third party companies with any sort of associated interest in door drops and possibly not a lot of industry knowledge, are promoting the medium in some cases for the first time I can ever recall and that […]

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Is the customer always right?

22 October 2018

Last week I caught a piece on Good Morning Britain as I was readying to leave for work, posing that question. I have mixed views as a consumer and a supplier. As a consumer, if we are talking about purchasing cars, computers or phones, I’ll bow to superior knowledge, as you don’t need to know […]

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A creative review – Harvey Water Softeners

16 August 2018

Back in January I received a leaflet from Harvey Water Softeners and have been meaning to write a review ever since. I know it was January and I also know it was delivered by Royal Mail door to door, because of the simple coding shown in one corner of the A5 card; RM185 (01.18). The […]

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Door drop volumes – annual review

11 July 2018

Our volume monitor in Cheshunt for the first 6 months of 2017 showed an average weekly volume of 7.3; in 2018 that has fallen to 5.5. Major business sector scores were : 2017 Retail was 47.1% increasing to 50% in 2018. 2017 Direct response was 6.9% also increasing to 12.7% 2017 Charities were 16.4% again […]

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