On behalf of our clients we distribute millions of leaflets each year and, as these Opinion pieces will show, we take the state of the industry and consumer perceptions and views very seriously.

You’re paying how much? – October 2017 update

24 October 2017

Probably my most popular blog in recent years, but has the situation changed and if so, how? In the original blog, I set out to explain that in my opinion, you could not buy solus door drops at £40.00 per 1,000 – or even less – and expect them to really work. It’s still a […]

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Door drop volumes – 2017

6 October 2017

9 months of the year completed, so time for a quarterly door drop volume update. At the start of July when we published our 6 month review, our weekly volume was recorded at 7.3 items per week, but it would be only natural to expect a decline over the summer; precisely what has happened. We […]

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How can you prove my door drop has taken place (part 2)

8 September 2017

Last week I published a blog on how door drops are verified. Within the copy I referenced control cells, where perfect distribution does not necessarily generate perfect recall, which prompted some emails asking me to explain what precisely I meant. It’s quite simple really. Walk down a road today and put a leaflet, magazine, newspaper, […]

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How can you prove my door drop has taken place?

31 August 2017

A common and understandable question, to which there are numerous answers! How can new users in particular, be assured their door drop items have arrived at their selected households, within the agreed distribution window? The answers vary by final mile supplier and while some disciplines are clear cut, others are less clear; and sometimes confusing. […]

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A door drop targeting twist for your consideration

19 July 2017

Over the years we have written many blogs about the importance of targeting door drops based upon hard facts, rather than personal perceptions or preferences. For us, it’s almost a weekly battle to politely point out, generally to a prospective client or a new contact within a company or agency, guesswork is a dangerous option. […]

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Door drop volumes – 2017

11 July 2017

Regular readers of our volume blogs will know there is a significant difference between official industry statistics and our estimate of the market size. The recently published DMA industry monitor shows a year on year decline over the last 5 years, with weekly volume in 2016 reported as 4.07 (claimed to be 5.26 in 2012). […]

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Can you choose what items your door drop is distributed with?

7 July 2017

An interesting question, with a range of answers. In reality, solus distribution, where just your item is delivered should guarantee no conflict, but only at the point of entering the letterbox. Once it lands on the doormat, a very different scenario can emerge. Considering that up to 50% of UK households can be empty during […]

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How would you measure the size of the door drop industry?

3 July 2017

The recent DMA publication on the door drop industry in 2016 has encouraged a proliferation of commentators claiming an industry revival and/or growth; really? What is the correct/best measurement of growth? How can an industry have grown, when the report confirms volumes have decreased year on year for the last 5 years, from 7.2 billion in […]

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A creative review with a whiff of nostalgia

26 June 2017

Scarily now more than 30 something years ago, I was making my way up the management ladder at Marketforce, later known as MRM Distribution, market leaders in an industry called house to house distribution. Royal Mail door to door was not on anyone’s radar and “freesheets” were starting to be of interest. Postal sector distribution […]

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Leaflet distribution didn’t help the Lib Dems!

15 June 2017

As the nation emerges from the General Election, the air is still full of recrimination. The loudest noises emanate from and surround those who perhaps lost, or are deemed by many to have lost. In Broxbourne, political door drop leaflets were alive and flourishing, with the three major parties each delivering at least one leaflet […]

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