On behalf of our clients we distribute millions of leaflets each year and, as these Opinion pieces will show, we take the state of the industry and consumer perceptions and views very seriously.

I fear for the future of door drops

9 November 2018

Post the supposed Armageddon of GDPR, door drops are, according to many, a medium set to flourish. Suddenly, third party companies with any sort of associated interest in door drops and possibly not a lot of industry knowledge, are promoting the medium in some cases for the first time I can ever recall and that […]

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Is the customer always right?

22 October 2018

Last week I caught a piece on Good Morning Britain as I was readying to leave for work, posing that question. I have mixed views as a consumer and a supplier. As a consumer, if we are talking about purchasing cars, computers or phones, I’ll bow to superior knowledge, as you don’t need to know […]

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How long is your tail?

11 September 2018

One of the most common questions we are asked is; over what period of time can I expect to receive response from my door drop? Well there is no easy answer; it will vary by business sector, depend upon the content of your leaflet and different distribution methods may influence response patterns, certainly in the […]

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A creative review – Harvey Water Softeners

16 August 2018

Back in January I received a leaflet from Harvey Water Softeners and have been meaning to write a review ever since. I know it was January and I also know it was delivered by Royal Mail door to door, because of the simple coding shown in one corner of the A5 card; RM185 (01.18). The […]

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Door drop volumes – annual review

11 July 2018

Our volume monitor in Cheshunt for the first 6 months of 2017 showed an average weekly volume of 7.3; in 2018 that has fallen to 5.5. Major business sector scores were : 2017 Retail was 47.1% increasing to 50% in 2018. 2017 Direct response was 6.9% also increasing to 12.7% 2017 Charities were 16.4% again […]

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To version, or not to version, that is the question?

5 July 2018

I recently came across a promotional piece from one of our competitors, which featured their ability to handle door drops executed with multiple versions. It rather gave the impression that a special skill set was required, when in all honesty, it’s a pretty straightforward process. The vast majority of door drop planning is completed at […]

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GDPR & Door Drop – a free offer

26 June 2018

Over the last few weeks, we have received a number of enquiries from potential new customers and new users to door drops. For many, there is a short journey to undertake in understanding postal geography; EN is a postcode area, EN8 is a postcode district, EN8 9 is a postal sector and EN8 9HU is […]

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Test our 24 hour promise

8 June 2018

At TLC, we pride ourselves on the service levels provided to clients and prospects alike. We always aim to provide same day responses, even if initially it is only a holding message explaining we will respond more fully by a given time and/or day. A recent flurry of website enquiries from new prospects – prompted […]

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Hold on a minute!

16 May 2018

Irresponsible journalism at its finest, full of factual errors. Endorsed by a hypocritical Member of Parliament! Disgraceful. This article, written by Katie Morley in The Daily Telegraph on May 9th, (though a mirror article also appeared in the Daily Mail) claiming the average UK household currently receives a whopping 12.5 items each and every week of […]

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Do you know who you are dealing with?

8 May 2018

Over the many years I sat on the Direct Marketing Association’s Door Drop Council, a regular subject for debate was membership criteria and categories. Criteria was ultimately determined by the DMA, but working to a check list provided by a Council working party, whose goal was to ensure that only reputable door drop companies, with […]

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