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Free and easy: door drops via regional media still deliver

18 April 2013

Chris White-Smith, MD Newsquest Direct, gives his view on the changing role of free newspapers in door drop campaigns. Regional Media has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years; particularly the ongoing adverse economic conditions, as well as increased competition from alternative media – specifically the emergence of digital. However, it is not […]

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Australian update

20 March 2013

It is an interesting time across the world in terms of advertising, spend and retail results. In my time, both in the UK and Australia, a similar picture or trend will always come forward. How does an advertiser remain in front of their audience at the same time as having a profile across the many […]

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Door drops are losing their effectiveness, right?

20 February 2013

I think it’s fair to say that my mother-in-law and I never really saw eye to eye. She hated jokes at people’s expense (especially her own) and often made an easy target for a wind-up. One Christmas, I purchased a hairdryer for her that was designed to look exactly like a giant revolver. I just […]

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The insights which make direct marketing more profitable

21 January 2013

Direct marketers know that the success of the discipline depends on two rules: – Rule one, test. Rule two, refer to rule one. But when budgets are being squeezed and deadlines are looming, there’s just not the time or money to use traditional testing methods which can take several months to deliver results. Historically, marketers […]

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Couponing and FMCG

16 November 2012

Couponing and vouchers are more popular and more necessary for families than ever before. The impact of the recession on many families has seen FMCG brands witness a new era of couponing – with shoppers ensuring that every penny that can be saved on the weekly or monthly shop is. Before this return to austerity, […]

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23 October 2012

During my 26 years in Government communications, one of my favourite conversations with a client went as follows: ME: Based on my experience of similar activity and the media consumption of the people we’re after, I’d would like to ‘borrow’ a tiny part of your massive TV budget to test some inserts in certain magazine […]

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Current coupon redemption trends

21 September 2012

The growth in coupon redemptions is continuing strongly, with our latest analysis showing that coupon redemptions are up 14 per cent with nearly 225 million coupons redeemed in the first 6 months of 2012, compared to 195 million in the second half of 2011. You can read the full report here. Looking at distribution via […]

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Alistair Ezzy, GI Direct says: “Get more from your Door Drops”

16 May 2012

Door Drops are economical and effective, but could they have more impact?

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In an increasingly virtual marketing world, is there still a place for the physical?

16 April 2012

“DOOR DROPS? – that’s the printed stuff that falls on your mat – isn’t it? “Not very ‘now’, not very ‘social media’. “Why on earth are you doing that?” So we ask, in an increasingly virtual marketing world, is there still a place for the physical?

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The Secret Traction Leverage of Door Drop Marketing

14 February 2012

In my last article I postured that for any consumer brand selling through intermediaries to target households in the UK there is no better targetable, cost efficient medium than door drop marketing…or what I call ‘direct promotional advertising’, particularly if you use SMART-Drop’s finer targeting functionality.

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