Do you think people remember your advertising for long?

by Neal Dodd on 07/05/2019

When building your media plan and deciding upon which channels to use, you will inevitably be considering the immediate response that you’re likely to see.

But have you considered the after effects of that activity and how your channel choice will have lasting effects for your brand?

Whether you’re choosing to place an advert on Facebook, creating a banner ad, advertising in a newspaper/magazine or developing a radio advertisement, have you considered how each channel may differ in terms of being memorable to your target customer?

Our recent recall study has shown that a door drop delivered into the home can lead to an 80% recall of your item on the day of distribution and 43% a week later. And that’s just the person that answers the door.

Let’s just consider that for a minute.

Nearly half of people who saw your item still remember it a week later, in spite of all of the other media that they have been exposed to.

Do you think the same could be said for banner ads or social media advertising? I don’t.

It’s a high number and it means that you should be considering how the item you’re distributing impacts on the perception of your business and your brand, in addition to chasing that immediate response.

If you’re delivering a cheap, one sided piece of paper that has been produced in an hour, people will remember that and make those associations with your company. But deliver something interesting, well put together and on brand, people will be left with the positive impression you’re seeking for longer than the immediate point of seeing the item – even if they don’t immediately respond.

That hidden impact is easy to forget when you’re planning your media choices but it should be a part of your consideration.

We know from new JICMail data that the effects of door drop media on branding are massive – items are often looked at multiple times, by multiple people.

Door drop distribution will offer you the chance to be remembered by your target audience, so it’s important that the things people remember are in line with how you wish to be perceived.

There are good reasons why recall is so long lasting and why door drops offer something that many other media channels do not.

Door drops are picked up. They cannot be scrolled past, clicked away or deleted with the click of a button. They are physical items that consumers must look at before deciding what to do with them.

It is a versatile channel that gives you the opportunity to deliver different shapes and sizes of leaflet, magazines, coupons and product samples.

It is not surprising to me that door drops produce such a long lasting recall and whilst immediate response will probably remain your most important criteria for choosing how you spend your media budget, you’d do well to remember the longer term effects as well.

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