Does Size Matter?

by Graham Dodd on 13/02/2012

On this occasion I’m saying no!!!

I recently had a long conversation with a senior director in a London based agency on the subject, but it was quickly obvious that size did matter to her.

The conversation was long because I felt strongly she had been seduced by size, possibly to the detriment of quality, imagination and flexibility, but she really was not having any of it.

Frustrated, I finally conceded that my proposition on this occasion was not going to win the day, so it was time to move on to another challenge.

I still think I’m right and only time will tell, but I have enough case histories in my locker to suggest I may have a point.

The conversation was prompted by a disappointing end to a quite large door drop pitch, where TLC came second to a competitor.

Despite my many years in this business, I’m still keen to learn and always ask for feedback when we are not appointed for short or long term activity.

Sometimes feedback is not forthcoming, which is always disappointing, particularly if we have spent many hours putting together a bespoke presentation and proposal, commonly with little notice. I don’t ever understand why having invited you to pitch, clients don’t have the courtesy of explaining why you have not been appointed.

I suspect I know some of those answers however.

On this occasion, we were given feedback.

Size was the deal breaker.

Nothing wrong with your presentation, your proposition or your price, you answered all our questions honestly and professionally, but – “I feel more comfortable that the people who presented to me are from a large company”.

And will you ever see them again?

I’ll wager they have New Business or Business Development something or other in their job titles?

I’m sure they are capable people who understand the medium and are great at presenting their company’s best interests, but are they the people who are going to get down and dirty on a day to day basis with you?

Did you ask to meet your Account team going forward?

How do you know if you will gel or not?

With TLC, what you see is what you get.

Because we are a smaller operator, the presentation team are the account handling team.

Now we may not suit everyone’s tastes and we accept that.

We further accept that there may be some business out there that is too big for us to handle internally – although there are always ways around internal capacity issues!

But ultimately, just how big does your account handling team need to be?

How many account handling teams can match the level of experience and knowledge available at TLC?

In the end it can come down to the big fish/small pool or small fish/big pool conundrum.

What we do pride ourselves on at TLC is our account handling standards.

We have never lost any business because of account handling issues and we don’t expect to in the future.

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