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by Graham Dodd on 16/05/2018

Irresponsible journalism at its finest, full of factual errors.

Endorsed by a hypocritical Member of Parliament!


This article, written by Katie Morley in The Daily Telegraph on May 9th, (though a mirror article also appeared in the Daily Mail) claiming the average UK household currently receives a whopping 12.5 items each and every week of the year and that is set to increase as result of GDPR.

Where does she get her facts from?

The Direct Marketing Association’s door drop statistical report has hovered around 5 or 4 items over the last 5 years, slowly decreasing over that period.

I happen to believe the average is probably 6 or 7, but there is no way it is in excess of 12.

And predictably some MP’s have jumped on the bandwagon and vented their anger and disgust, with Ian Murray, Labour MP for Edinburgh South actually saying Individual businesses will determine if this kind of blanket junk mail marketing works but I’m sure most consumers would see it as an unwanted waste of paper.”  

But wait a minute.

Visit Mr. Murray’s website.

Look at his quote “I compiled and distributed a public information leaflet for local residents highlighting some of the key questions for Scotland and Edinburgh in the immediate aftermath of Brexit”

Edinburgh South constituency has c. 64,000 households, so that’s a lot of leaflets to blanket deliver Mr. Murray.

The 26,260 people who voted for you in 2017 possibly welcome your leaflet, but the 21,571 who didn’t probably regarded your leaflet as an unwanted waste of paper!

The reality is that door drop volumes may well increase as a result of GDPR.

Advertisers who find their one to one communications strategies trashed as consumers decide not to opt in – there seem to be growing reports of that – need to find alternative methods of direct marketing to keep their business alive.

Door drop will provide one option, but not necessarily on a blanket basis, the medium is more sophisticated than that. And has been for years.

It’s a shame that Kate never took the time to contact anybody in the door drop industry for a comment.

But the article did finish on a door drop high!

If you are concerned about GDPR and door drops, read this :

An ICO spokesman said: “If an organisation is sending mail or leaflets to every address in an area and does not know the identity of the people at those addresses, it is not processing personal data for direct marketing, and the GDPR rules will not apply. However, it may still need to comply with other guidelines and codes on marketing and advertising.

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