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by Graham Dodd on 08/06/2018

At TLC, we pride ourselves on the service levels provided to clients and prospects alike.

We always aim to provide same day responses, even if initially it is only a holding message explaining we will respond more fully by a given time and/or day.

A recent flurry of website enquiries from new prospects – prompted we believe by GDPR – in addition to our existing workload, has really tested that principle in recent weeks.

Many new enquiries could be prefaced “how soon can you”, as the instant world we increasingly appear to live in, encourages enquirers to expect a full, immediate response (particularly when their print is already available!).

We are fine with that though.

But, there are often occasions where allowing a little more time for a response may pay an enquirer dividends.

One recent enquiry initially provided a quite detailed brief, but omitted one or two key elements.

Replying within an hour, we posed a few questions, suggested a couple of possible options and sought feedback which would allow us to respond more fully later that day, or the day after – “at worst”.

The client replied and we started our review process.

In meeting our own deadline, we were able to review two solutions to the enquiry, fully cost them (providing three possible charges), confirmed a critical date path to achieve the client’s objectives and made our recommendation as to how we would recommend the campaign was completed.

Our recommendation was not what the client originally requested.

But on talking the options through further, the client understood the rationale behind the proposal and approved it.

And those principles are adopted on any new enquiry we receive, whether that be for 5,000 items or millions.

Of course clients don’t always accept our recommendations.

We will always follow the same process, be prepared to challenge the client’s initial thinking (where necessary), but execute their requirements in the manner they wish.

We are door drop experts with decades of experience and a client could reasonably expect us to have more knowledge about door drops than perhaps they do.

That’s exactly what makes us the first point of call for our existing clients, who are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds.

If you don’t think you receive the level of service from your current suppliers that you think you should, if their door drop plans are repetitive and look tired, causing you to seek new alternatives, test us out.

Or if you are new to door drops and are looking to deal with a friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and resourceful supplier, then get in touch.

Put these claims to the test and make your own mind up from there.

We are waiting to hear from you!

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