Leaflet distribution didn’t help the Lib Dems!

by Graham Dodd on 15/06/2017

As the nation emerges from the General Election, the air is still full of recrimination.

The loudest noises emanate from and surround those who perhaps lost, or are deemed by many to have lost.

In Broxbourne, political door drop leaflets were alive and flourishing, with the three major parties each delivering at least one leaflet in the run up to June 8th –and the Green Party! 

A leaflet was never going to change my voting intention (partly because my postal vote had been sent several weeks earlier), but the Labour Party certainly never endeared themselves to me by leaving one of their leaflets hanging out of my letterbox!

But, as a true door drop professional, I looked at format and content.

Nothing creatively stunning, but one did catch my eye.

The small print advises me that the leaflet is “promoted and published by E. Thatcher (!), on behalf of A. Graham”.

Now when you look at the image, let me know whether you believe the design deliberately makes no mention of the Liberal Democrats on both the front and pages, as it’s trying to attract voters through its headline policies?

Or, did they simply forget to include the party name, apart from its inclusion in two out of three sets of copy on the back page, whilst the third set only mentioned the Conservatives?

You have to look at the inside pages to find the words Liberal Democrat and even then, they are hardly stand out.

The word Conservatives is in a bigger font size than any Liberal Democrat wording – and it’s in bold print!

On the front page, it lists three key policies, presumably in their order of importance?

But perhaps not.

On the back page, the same three policies appear, but in a different order?

Deliberate, or just careless?

And why is the only donation option to pay by cheque?

The degree of personalisation makes me wonder if the leaflet is unique to Broxbourne.

But if nationwide versions were distributed across the length and breadth of the UK, in the event of an Autumn election (perish the thought), I’d recommend the Liberal Democrats stand up and be more easily recognised – not that it will change my political persuasion.

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