Sir Alan Sugar promotes leaflets!

by Graham Dodd on 16/11/2015

Sitting at home last Wednesday to watch The Apprentice, a programme which continues to fascinate me on a weekly basis, my ears perked up when SAS mentioned leaflets to promote the handy man services task.

Almost predictably, one team missed the copy deadline for the leaflets and you just felt disaster inevitably looming for them.

The programme never really featured the other team’s thoughts on the leaflets or their content, which I was hoping for, but they at least got something produced, only then to limit themselves by just handing them out on the High Street.

At the programme’s conclusion, when the faults had been aired and debated, I was left thinking how a leaflet distribution could have helped overcome most or even all of those faults.

Its not rocket science.

The team name was the brand name; a simple one line, catchy slogan to identify what the services were, and that the services were only available for the 2 day period the 3 person team were in the area, the three mobile numbers of the sub team for contact and an indication of hourly rates, per person or per team, but not £10.00 per hour for 3 people!!!!

Distribute them over a couple of hours rather than stand on street corners talking to local residents about the “best” streets (though to be fair that did produce one job for them) and perhaps they would have made more of their time in the area.

They won the task anyway, but was that possibly more down to the rank stupidity and naivety of the other team who failed miserably despite Joe’s best efforts.

The programme’s conclusion summed their performance up perfectly!

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