Door drops are not dead either!

by Graham Dodd on 24/11/2017

There has recently been a proliferation of LinkedIn posts claiming direct mail is not dead, it works well with email and/or is great for catalogues.

The volume of posts was undoubtedly generated because for so many contacts in my network direct mail is a business area, but even so!

So, let’s redress the balance.

Door drops are not dead either!

Yes, annual industry volumes have fallen in recent years, but as regular readers of my blogs and newsletters will know, I have major reservations over the accuracy of the DMA statistics.

They may be a pretty accurate gauge of “national” business, but they are way out on local, possibly even regional business, but that’s another story.

At TLC towers, 2017 has been another successful year.

We made several major client gains, one a brand new user, but others who have switched their business into us from competitors, which is particularly gratifying.

A willingness and ability to respond to each brief on it’s individual merits, rather than churn out the same old, tired thinking, continues to pay dividends.

Our unique SMART-Drop service continues to attract new clients, seeking the rewards that small area distribution can provide.

Indeed, we have clients who would not be using door drops as an engagement tool if SMART-drop could not provide the solutions it does.

And we are already planning to extend the SMART-Drop portfolio in 2018, because there is undoubtedly a client desire for small area distribution.

For decades, door drop has been assigned labels such as scatter gun or wasteful, but that might depend how you or your supplier plan your activity.

Coverage at postal sector level need not be labelled in that manner, if you plan using a combination of target market density and index values.

Planning sector distribution solely reliant on index values can be wasteful and should be avoided.

SMART-Drop and small area distribution was never designed to replace postal sector distribution, far from it.

The intention was always for the service to be complimentary to postal sector activity, but who knows what the future may bring.

One day, there may be a nationwide distribution structure constructed in units of hundreds of households, rather than the thousands associated with postal sectors.

Clients’ thirst for improved targeting and distribution solutions certainly shows no sign of abating.

And with GDPR posing a threat to many one to one communications channels, quite possibly including some direct mail campaigns based on client conversations, door drop could be perfectly placed to provide alternative solutions.

Certainly we have completed more “new” business presentations in the last two months than the rest of the year put together – and there are still more in the diary in the next month.

So if you would like some fresh thinking applied to your door drop planning please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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