Door drops and GDPR; threat or opportunity?

by Graham Dodd on 08/11/2017

2018 and GDPR are on the horizon.

You are no doubt already constructing marketing plans for next year and particularly if one to one communication strategies are under threat, door drop could be a solution.

But how recent is your door drop knowledge?

Are you aware there are five, final mile delivery opportunities for unaddressed material?

Did you know that your leaflet distribution can now be planned at full postcode level – working from units of 15-18 households?

Each option can be used in isolation, or in any appropriate combination to help achieve promotional objectives.

But, targeting will play a crucial role in helping ensure campaign success.

If you believe targeting applications stop at postal sector level, think again.

Developments in recent years have started to change the medium’s scatter gun reputation and whilst still not quite rifle shot, more focused coverage is available.

But these developments are still, to many, a well-kept secret.

The industry does little to educate, so we are stepping into that void and offering you a FREE, without obligation, 1 hour training session at a venue and time to suit you.

Whether a client or an agency, a networking group, or a franchise, we are confident that attendees will learn something new from our presentation.

The Letterbox Consultancy is uniquely placed to guide you through the door drop maze.

Our independence and impartiality over the last 22 years, unlike our competitors, sees us offer no in-house, final mile solutions.

100% of our clients’ activity is sub contracted to preferred suppliers offering the five delivery opportunities.

One of those opportunities can also only be sourced through TLC, so that may pretty much guarantee you one new point of learning.

So if you would like to set up a session, we’d be happy to provide our guidance and advice, with no obligation for you to follow up.

Please feel free to contact us to fix a mutually convenient date and time to meet up.

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