Door drop volumes – Q1 2018

by Graham Dodd on 12/04/2018

With the year’s first quarter complete, it’s time to look at our first volume update of the year.

The statistics say an average of 5.9 items were received over a 13 week period, which compares to 6.3 in 2017 and 7.1 in 2016 in the first quarters of those years.

Historically statistics have included a free newspaper count, but like many other towns and cities across the length and breadth of the country, Cheshunt no longer has a free newspaper.

That’s still a robust start in comparison to 2017’s 6.3 average over the course of the year.

And when you consider the adverse weather conditions the nation has contended with in recent months, I think its more than likely the score would have been higher than the 2017 average, given I suspect that some local distributions may not have taken place with inches of snow often covering the pavements!

So, with just two distribution options, market share shows Royal Mail door to door at 30% and the remaining 70% of items were dropped on a solus or shared basis, by teams and walkers.

Royal Mail’s market sector split is simple, 61% retail clients, 39% direct response clients.

In comparison, the local market whilst also showing retail as the largest sector with 50%, then claims charities with 24% as the second largest sector – but they are all clothes collection bags!

The only other significant sector was local businesses coming in at 20%, with public sector and political items making up the balance.

Overall retail is the largest sector with 53%, followed by charities at 17%, local businesses at 14% and direct response times at 13%.

In time, we would expect retail to remain the largest sector, but local businesses to overtake charities.

The Direct Marketing Association has now collected 2017 volume and expenditure data from members, or at least those prepared to share the data (!) and the annual report is currently being written, so should hopefully be available soon.

We will review that report in our July volume blog.

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