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by Graham Dodd on 12/01/2018

The end of 2017 generated a final weekly average of 6.3 items received during the year.

Of the 328 items distributed, Royal Mail D2D delivered 89 (a weekly average of 1.7), whilst local teams/distributors delivered 232 (4.5 per week). The remaining 7 items were delivered by free newspapers early in the year, but we no longer receive a weekly title.

We measure market share by the following categories; retail, local businesses, charities, direct response, public sector, political, utilities and f.m.c.g.

Overall market share was dominated by retailers with 47.7%, followed by local businesses with 23.4% and charities (mainly clothes bags) at 16.4%; 87.5% of the total.

The local distribution networks volume split mirrored that with retail at 38.6%, local businesses 32.2% and charities (the bags!) 22.2%; 93% of the total.

By comparison, RM D2D’s volume split was 69.7% retail and 19.1% direct response items (which only contributed 6.1% overall).

The last week has seen the DMA’s call to members for the submission of their 2017 volume and expenditure statistics, which they promise will be published no later than May.

Over the many years we have produced our local version of annual statistics, our weekly volume has always been at least double what the DMA statistics suggest and we expect that to remain to be the case.

That’s hardly a surprise when the DMA door drop membership appears to be restricted to just 15 companies according to their website.

And of those members, three appear to be insert, postal services or online mail suppliers, who presumably contribute nothing to the door drop statistics?

Assuming the remaining 12 all submit statistics, there are going to have to be a few assumptions along the way about real market volumes given some notable names are missing from the membership list.

Our prediction is that the DMA will suggest a further decline in volume, probably with the same annual reasons for decline, which will see their weekly average fall to c. 3.something items per week.

Just how close that may be to our industry estimate remains to be seen, but we believe it is (again) a reflection of the industry association focusing on “national” door drops.

Change is promised during the course of this year, but we will have to wait and see what materialises.

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