Door drop volumes – 2014

by Graham Dodd on 10/04/2014

Well Spring certainly sprung in the 5 week month of March, with a whopping 61 door drop items received; a weekly average of 12.2!!!

The weekly average for the year to date is now 10.85.

And it was team (predominantly solus) distribution for the local market which again made the difference, enjoying 65%+ market share through the 40 items received.

Royal Mail door to door chipped in with 13 items 21%+ and free newspapers just 8 items 13%+.

And local retailers dominated the local market with 54% of all items, followed by local service companies with 21%.

Retail also dominated the RM D2D volume with exactly 50% of their items, but direct response contributed nearly 28%.

Retail again dominated the free newspaper market share with over 65% of items and direct response again second in the volume stakes with 24%.

Domino’s continued their weekly distribution pattern throughout the month via Royal Mail D2D, but made noticeable changes to their item during the month, firstly just distributing a single sheet A5 leaflet, followed by a couple of A5 4 page leaflets.

An interesting article appeared in Decision Marketing during the month, and it would be fascinating to fully understand the role door drops play in that success. Click here for the article.

When reviewing the results of clients’ marketing activity, we quite regularly find that the effect of door drops driving customers online is under estimated and in some cases not measured effectively or fully, devaluing the role of medium in the media mix.

But, is it a coincidence that Domino’s online sales have soared when delivering a leaflet around their branches each week?

Possibly the stand out item of the month was the DFS “half A4 size” brochure in a polybag.

Assuming the item landed face up (no guarantees there of course!) the brochure headline of “Half Price” savings in a banner headline stood out, but not as much as the “Your £500.00 off vouchers” overprint on the polybag.

If it landed upside down those messages were diluted, with a smaller £500.00 headline printed on an enclosure and a mixed message about the offers available “this weekend”, whereas the dates on the vouchers showed a valid to date of April 21st?

That side of the item could have done with some more creative thinking we believe, but still definitely the item of the month.

Of the burgeoning local market, estate agents were again to the forefront in volume terms, closely followed by our wide range of local takeaways/restaurants, with a little flourish from landscape gardeners, tree pruning specialists and garden specialists – a sure sign Spring has arrived!

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