Door drop volumes – 2015

by Graham Dodd on 10/07/2015

June proved to be a slightly strange 5 week month, with weekly volumes starting off very low, then reaching what TLC recognise as the “normal” level, but incredibly doubling in week 4 before slipping back to the “normal” volume.

By “normal” we mean a weekly average receipt of 7 or 8 items, though w/c 22nd produced 14!

The standout statistic within the final mile delivery analysis is again the fact that free newspapers only delivered 1 item in the month, making a total of just 15 in the 26 weeks that have elapsed so far in 2015.

In reality, that’s almost certainly the result of the low coverage the one remaining title in our sector provides.

As media planners, in our view, if a client’s targeting profile in the sector is high, that results in our looking at Royal Mail door to door or solus distribution as alternatives because of their respective depths of coverage.

And we think that’s a major issue for free newspapers nationwide and probably why free newspapers will continue to fall off of many clients door drop media schedules (if they are seeking full sector coverage).

The 26 week analysis reveals an average weekly receipt of just under 8 items.

The final mile distribution share was comprehensively won in June by solus drops with a whopping 71%, followed by Royal Mail with 26%.

Solus distribution items predominantly tend to emanate from SME’s and that was certainly reflected in the statistics, with local retailers and service companies equally represented.

But there was a small surge in the receipt of charity bags with 6 arriving, though some looked questionable in their authenticity.

Looking at business areas, retail retains the largest share with just over 50% of all items received, SME’s (predominantly service companies) have just under 20%, followed by direct response clients with 11% and charities 9%, though a large percentage of that is bags rather than paper items.

Most of the industry “big names” appeared once in June; BT, Sky, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Hillarys Blinds all through Royal Mail D2D.

But yet again nothing stand out in terms of creativity and most items had the same old look and feel about them.

In comparison, TLC’s client output in June included some significant volumes for public sector and leisure (zoo/wildlife parks) clients as well as a pretty normal volume mix for retail and charity clients with an infusion of transport related drops as well.

It was in reality a really busy month for us which has certainly over spilled in the first week of July, which has a really wide range of clients but more of that next month.

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