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by Team on 19/02/2016

2 weeks ago we launched Yellshare, the UK’s first nationwide door drop service based upon routes of 400-1000 households, which can be targeted using MOSAIC data.

For some clients, Yellshare will provide a standalone solution to their door drop requirements, but for most, its more likely to form an integral part of future door drop plans.

Yellshare has the potential to help reduce door drop wastage in postal sectors which may form a regular part of a client’s door drop plan.

But it could also provide coverage solutions in postal sectors perhaps not normally included within distribution schedules because of the comparatively low density of target market households?

So, for some clients we are already proposing the combination of a postal sector solution – where the final mile delivery may primarily be provided by Royal Mail door to door – enhanced by the additional application of Yellshare.

Others are just requesting Yellshare standalone data.

With c. 2 million Yellshare households available every month of the year, facilitating test programmes could not be easier.

And we are extremely confident in the quality of the targeting process.

To determine just how accurate the process is, you need only :

1) nominate a town or area of the country well known to you

2) identify your primary MOSAIC target market (or provide us with a demographic brief from which we will create a profile) by return, we will run Yellshare route data for the relevant directory area to generate a ranking report, overview map and an outline proposal for your deliberation, all on a speculative basis.

Please also remember Yellshare’s key features:

* a highly competitive rate card

* a reliable and proven “walker” based distribution system, independently telephone audited to 1% of the directory volume – far higher than the industry norm

* sharing items limited to two, with product/service exclusivity guaranteed

* no nesting

* MOSAIC targeting included within the rate card charge

* greater creative options

* very simple logistical requirements

So please send your brief via the contact page, by visiting, emailing, or calling 01992 637333 and speaking to Graham or Neal.

We will be delighted to help.

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