Door drops – an agency perspective

by Howard Thompson on 23/08/2016

Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that door drops are an intrusive, impactful medium.

Unaddressed promotional material sitting on a doormat behind the front door must be seen by at least one person in any household, either the person at home at the point of delivery, or, the first person home later that day.

Of course there will be many people who simply claim to throw unaddressed material away without looking at it.  But, particularly if the door drop item is delivered by Royal Mail alongside addressed mail can such claims be substantiated? To know it is unaddressed, the person making the claim must have looked at it in the first place!

Royal Mail research actually shows that people retain door drops somewhere in their household for up to 38 days and 20% of door drops are shared within family groups ; strong evidence of the medium’s power.

A Cost Effective Advertising Solution

So, for us as an agency, seeking to provide our client base with cost effective solutions to marketing briefs, it’s a medium which regularly appears on our marketing proposals.

We never adopt a “one size fits all” solution for any campaign brief so working alongside our selected media owners/suppliers, using their experience and taking their advice, helps us provide the right solution to each individual brief.

So we are always open minded when looking at our options across all media but in the case of door drops, by The Letterbox Consultancy, our preferred suppliers.

Sometimes whole postal sector distribution is the solution and works well, particularly through Royal Mail. But we are also great fans of their SMART-Drop service, which provides bespoke, sub sector solutions generally driven by MOSAIC targeting, which they also provide as part of the service.

We most commonly use SMART-Drop on a solus basis, but it can also be applied to free newspapers and from earlier this year, Yellow Pages directories.

Sometimes we undertake SMART-Drop only campaigns, but we have also completed campaigns where we use any appropriate combination of whole and partial sector coverage (Royal Mail and SMART-Drop) to achieve a client’s objectives.

Door Drops Help Us Win New Business

It would be fair to say that the sub sector solution has actually won the agency new business, particularly where door drops were always part of a client’s brief to us.

Most importantly, door drops work, particularly when they are part of an integrated campaign which may include broadcast media where you can make reference to a door drop.

Of course they are not the best fit for all campaigns or clients, but for the majority of our regional/local campaigns, across many sectors, since the media is so scalable, we’d always consider the option to add weight and measurement to the proposed activity.

But a word of advice, always seek and listen to a reputable door drop supplier’s advice and recommendations before proceeding and don’t just work away from personal perceptions or preferences.

If your current supplier only supplies whole sector distribution solutions to you, I’d recommend you looking at SMART-Drop!

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