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by Graham Dodd on 26/06/2018

Over the last few weeks, we have received a number of enquiries from potential new customers and new users to door drops.

For many, there is a short journey to undertake in understanding postal geography; EN is a postcode area, EN8 is a postcode district, EN8 9 is a postal sector and EN8 9HU is a postcode unit.

And it’s the postcode unit that is the single most important element of door drop targeting.

But, a postcode unit is NOT dedicated to a single property; its most commonly shared with another 14 properties.

So providing us with an existing customer database of postcode units, does NOT contravene any GDPR requirements, because you are not providing single address data and postcode units allow us to identify how your customer base is currently constructed.

Census data is collected at single address level, but, published at postcode unit level, which is again exempt from GDPR requirements.

Each unit is assigned a MOSAIC type (our preferred targeting tool) from the 66 in the entire process.

Assigning a type is based upon key characteristics such as age, household income and composition, number of children, tenure and property type within the units, with majorities contributing to the final title.

But, whoever you are and whatever business area you operate in, whilst you should have a relatively accurate fix on your primary customer base, don’t assume or aspire to any given profile.

We have a wildlife park and zoo client, whose primary target market unsurprisingly is young families, possibly with a slightly affluent background.

Its good practice and sensible housekeeping, to re-visit the targeting process on an annual basis (at least).

A set of data we were provided with was drawn from purchasers of their Passport promotion one year, which effectively provided multiple entry to both the park and zoo.

The majority of the data produced the expected result, but with a twist.

There was unexpected, strong evidence of a more mature purchaser, living commonly within a reasonable driving distance of both locations?

A little digging by the client revealed grandparents buying the Passport as a present for the extended family.

Not ultimately a major surprise perhaps, but importantly, one which had not been catered for at the planning stage (or at least not at that time!).

So, if you are seeking door drop success, don’t assume or aspire to any given profile, base your targeting upon facts you already possess.

And here is the FREE offer.

Provide us with a brief and your customer database and in return we will provide a full MOSAIC analysis and commentary to advise how best to proceed from there.

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