Local Government, NHS & Utilities

* Read and comment on Graham’s blog, focusing on the implications of e-procurement for local authority door drop tenders *

Local and regional authorities, the NHS, police forces and utilities are all specialist areas of activity for us and by working closely with many of them over several years, we have developed an intricate package of services to help these clients achieve their objectives.

Maximising household penetration levels within specified postcode areas is a key requisite for many of these organisations and it is clear that many conventional door drop solutions fail to achieve this. However, our planning skills and experience have enabled us to put together a range of options that overcome this.

In comparison to many other door drop suppliers who proposals to clients may fall well short of maximum coverage and can be as low as just 85%, our objective is to provide solutions which achieve as close to 100% coverage as is reasonably possible.

Our SMART-Drop service has also captured the imagination of local and regional authority clients, looking to communicate with residents in smaller or distinct areas. Case histories are available where Councils have used SMART-Drop to target specific demographic groups and The Letterbox Consultancy have led the targeting proposition.

SMART-Drop can equally, however, provide a door drop service driven by postcode units (EN8 9HU), which Council clients provide. This service is widely used by Planning Departments needing to consult with residents in localised areas, and has also been used to distribute bus timetables (undertaking a survey within the leaflet) and when publicising and promoting events such as the Tour de France in 2014.

As you can read on our testimonial page, many local authorities, in particular, have been genuinely astounded at the improvement in the perception of distribution quality within their council areas and have retained our services on long term, often rolling contracts.

Year on year we win local and regional authority door drop contracts, by demonstrating a thorough understanding of their requirements, based upon years of experience.

We would be delighted to be able to bring that experience to bear on your door drop activity. To find out more contact us now.

Several years ago, we commissioned some independent research, dedicated to local authority publications, which is unique in its content. The research contains fascinating facts on distribution options and efficiency and the consumers reaction to such publications. A full version of the report will be provided to potential clients who request a speculative door drop proposal from us.