Maximising Door Drop Response

The objective of a door drop is to generate response from a defined consumer target market. So, have you considered all the mechanisms that will trigger such response?

How are your target markets most likely to engage with your door drop items?

The Letterbox Consultancy will help you determine which options are right for you, how response can be tracked and measured, and how your target audience are likely to respond.

We are also able to implement some response mechanisms on your behalf.

What are my options?

In recent years, door drop items have featured telephone numbers and URL’s as the most common channels of response.

In many cases, these mechanisms are still relevant and valuable. However, there are now additional options to be considered.

Door drop is increasingly working alongside digital media, and – applied correctly – this combination can be highly effective.

QR Codes for Door Drop Leafleting

Still relatively new in the UK, QR codes offer the consumer an opportunity to scan an image – similar to a bar code – using their smartphone, immediately being directed to a website or application of the client’s choice. And response can be tracked and monitored.

The use of QR codes amongst UK consumers is fairly limited to specific consumer groups, but its popularity is growing rapidly.

The opportunity for consumers to pick up your door drop item and immediately access your promotional web page will be extremely valuable.

The Letterbox Consultancy can advise you as to whether the use of a QR code is suitable and how best to implement it.

We are also able to supply the code direct to you, as well as provide reporting and analysis to track consumer response.

Digital Watermarking and Augmented Reality

Further digital options are available to be included within your door drop item;

  • Digital Watermarking – offering you the opportunity to embed the link to your website/application into a picture or logo on the item
  • Augmented Reality – enabling the consumer to pick up advertising content – such as video, or sound – just from scanning the item with their smartphone

The familiarity and use of these digital media options are at an early stage in the UK, but The Letterbox Consultancy can offer advice, implementation and response tracking for clients that have a relevance to these channels.

What shall I do next?

If you are planning a door drop campaign, then contact us now – we are the source of the only truly impartial door drop planning and buying advice in the UK.

In addition to the advice that we will provide regarding targeting and door drop options, we will also be happy to provide advice about the response channels available to you, and their relevance to your campaign.

We can also implement these response channels, including a free tracking service for any QR code implemented.

For more information, contact Neal Dodd or Graham Dodd on 01992 637333.