Happy 8th Birthday to SMART-Drop

by Graham Dodd on 22/05/2018

8 years ago today, at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London, we launched our SMART-Drop service.

Then, it was mould breaking and it remains a service without equal in the UK door drop market.

Over the years the service has evolved, partly through client requests, partly through marketplace changes.

Free newspapers were a burgeoning opportunity, sadly now greatly diminished as circulation volumes have plummeted, though they remain a core element of the SMART-Drop proposition.

At that time, Yellshare did not exist as the opportunity it now offers, but that will sadly disappear in 2019.

The one constant is nationwide solus distribution opportunities, through our network of suppliers.

Moving forward, we have more development plans for the service, because SMART-Drop’s admiring clients continue to seek new opportunities.

SMART-Drop has attracted new clients, who would not normally use the medium because of the wastage levels often associated with postal sector drops.

Whilst the service was not conceived to replace postal sector distribution, for some clients it has.

Most commonly, the service is used alongside postal sector distribution and allows clients to reach small household clusters of potential value, perhaps not covered previously if door drop footprints remain constant, drop after drop – which is common.

That particularly applies to High Street retailers, car dealerships, health and leisure centres, colleges, zoos and wildlife parks etc., indeed any fixed location with a drive time or distance planning model.

Our recommendation is that such plans should be re-evaluated at least once a year, learn from the historical activity and mould any developments into future plans.

And it’s what regularly sets our media plans apart from our competitors.

Clients will testify that the concept of small area distribution does work, despite the fact that some of our major competitors have, for 8 years, claimed it does not.

So if your door drop activity needs some fresh thinking, or if you would like to compare our thinking against your current suppliers, we will be happy to provide speculative critique of your current activity and we are pretty confident you will benefit from the results.

Why not put us to the test?

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