Let’s face it, targeting is an absolutely vital element in any direct marketing campaign.  This is especially so in door drop marketing.

SMART-Drop is a highly effective national targeting and distribution tool, only available through The Letterbox Consultancy.

This innovative product, created and launched in 2010, has taken door drop targeting to a completely new level and is hugely popular with a wide range of clients, for local, regional and national campaigns.

It has been designed to offer a more targeted door drop solution, using solus, or shared distribution where it is available.

Typically based on a MOSAIC profile, it allows for campaigns to be planned using individual postcode units – EN8 9HS – to create bespoke distribution rounds of between 150-500 households.

This approach allows you to be significantly more selective with which households receive your leaflet; reducing distribution wastage and focusing the distribution on people of most relevance to your business.

The end result is a better response, lower distribution and print costs, and ultimately a better return on your investment.

Clients who have used the service include charities, retailers, local authorities, travel and leisure companies, health clubs, property developers, car dealerships, vets practices, pub groups and care homes.

Having successfully trialed this stunning product, many long term clients now regularly include SMART-Drop as a part of their distribution strategy, commonly sitting alongside postal sector solutions.

But, the service has also introduced new users to the medium, many who considered door drops completed at postal sector level to be wasteful, or simply not appropriate.

And some such clients do not use MOSAIC data in any way.

Bus routes are a perfect example of a client where postal sectors are too wasteful, but the SMART-Drop mapping software can create distribution corridors perhaps 300 yards either side of any route, as the perfect solution.

That science is also be applied railway lines, coach routes, canals, cycle paths etc.

With GDPR now a reality, if you are a client seeking to replace historical, one to one communications strategies, SMART-Drop can provide you with a highly targeted door drop service.

And remember, because postcode units are not classified as personal customer data, door drop targeting under those circumstances are exempt from GDPR.

SMART-Drop is unique in the marketplace and exclusive to The Letterbox Consultancy.  It cannot be purchased through any other company.