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by Graham Dodd on 13/12/2018

It’s an appropriate time to reflect on what TLC has achieved in the last year and what perhaps the future may bring.

2017 was a very successful year for us and at this time last year, we were planning how we could improve further.

That involved more staff, improved systems and services, plus a commitment to sustain our growth in a market where industry statistics again suggested the door drop market was shrinking.

And of course there was the threat of GDPR!

Well 2018 has been another great year.

With new staff, systems and services in place, we have worked hard to maintain and exceed our service performance, whilst increasing our business levels, which we have comfortably achieved.

We never viewed GDPR as a threat to our business and once the ICO ruled postcode unit based targeting was exempt, it was all about engaging with our client (and prospect) base to encourage their continued use of the medium.

And in truth, as we look towards 2019, its all pretty much more of the same as this year’s objectives.

The number of new business wins in 2018 has been particularly encouraging.

And in many instances we are talking about new business wins where the client moves their activity from one of our competitors, which is predictably hugely satisfying.

We have created a style of selling which we believe is not patronising, but is driven by common sense, easy to understand logic, not reliant on jargon or dressed up to appear more complex than it needs to be.

We are happy to sit and explain our almost unique approach to targeting and present our data, step by step, either face to face or over the telephone.

We will continue to politely challenge client perceptions of the medium if we feel they need challenging and offer a perhaps more realistic opinion of what is really achievable or required.

Whilst the client will remain king or queen at all times,it’s our responsibility as the industry experts to refresh thinking whether it be targeting, timing, final mile delivery and/or any other aspect of the door drop process.

We must be doing something right, as clients and agencies use our services time and time again, plus individual contacts commonly take us with them to their pastures new.

And the icing on the cake this year just has to be our first ever DMA Door Drop Award nomination.

Not strictly true in that the nomination was for Blue Chip Marketing and their Cushelle coupon campaign, but we provided the door drop science in targeting and distribution, which helped to exceed coupon redemption estimates – twice!

Cue huge excitement when they were therefore nominated as a finalist a while back and even greater pride when the campaign won Best Campaign last week- well done to all involved!

So why not talk to us now, perhaps in comparison to your existing supplier, review our thinking and planning, measure our response times (which we are very confident will be better) and simply enjoy the service levels we judge ourselves by.

We cannot guarantee to make you an award winner (but we might!), though you can be sure our proposals will be designed with your best interests and objectives in mind.

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