Targeted Door Drop Distribution
Targeted door drop distribution

Delivering to your audience in key areas across the UK


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Reaching people at home

Getting your item into the hands of your target audience


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Delivering results

Using targeted distribution to generate response


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An introduction to our services

With nearly 50 years of experience, The Letterbox Consultancy is the UK’s only independent and impartial door drop provider.

Working with a wide range of local, regional and national clients, we help clients target the distribution of unaddressed material to residential and business properties in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

We offer a range of leaflet distribution methods to suit any timing, location and volume, including Royal Mail Door to Door, solus, shared and local free newspapers.

Distribution can be targeted towards individual profiles and our SMART-Drop service enables your door drop to be planned in small clusters of households, ensuring minimal wastage and the best possible ROI.

Our Work


Postcode Targeting

Leaflet distribution.


Profiling and mapping software enable us to plan distribution activity that is aimed at properties and people most relevant for your business and most likely to generate a response.

We typically work with Experian’s Mosaic system to identify the key household types for your campaign based on a wide range of characteristics, such as age, income, family status and affluence.

It is now possible to plan door drop distribution using individual postcode units – EN8 9HU – which are exempt from GDPR, effectively choosing individual streets for coverage. 

Our SMART-Drop product is unique within the door drop market and is helping charities, retailers, food delivery and many other types of business to effectively target potential customers within their key areas.


The Letterbox Consultancy are a JICMAIL Platinum Partner

JICMAIL stands for Joint Industry Committee for Mail and delivers industry-standard audience measurement data for advertising mail and door drops equivalent to BARB’s measurement of TV viewership and RAJAR for Radio listenership. It is therefore a valuable tool for planning and measurement of door drop campaigns as it evaluates the media consumption habits of key advertiser target audiences.

Platinum Organisational Accreditation is the highest accolade given by JICMAIL and is only awarded to businesses who have demonstrated a level of proficiency with JICMAIL beyond its basic application. This means evidence of JICMAIL data being embedded into the businesses programs and routinely applied across planning and sales for the benefit new clients and also being used to retain and grow business with existing clients.

We are members of The Strategic Mailing Partnership, a professional body representing and protecting the interests of UK printers and mailing houses. Sponsored by Royal Mail Wholesale, its aim is to raise standards in the mailing industry, promote better mail for all; from the senders to the receivers and to reignite passion for mail, its creativity, effectiveness, and its unparalleled power to connect.


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