2022 volume report


2022 was generally predicted to be a tough year for many and volume predictions for the door drop industry were gloomy in some quarters.

The DMA’s 2021 door drop volume report suggested a weekly average of 2.42 items had been received by UK letterboxes, whilst TLC’s volume monitor suggested an average of 3.7.

That followed a trend that has been set over many years, where we believe our statistics more realistically reflect the size of the local business market, which the DMA’s members don’t really represent on a nationwide basis.

The DMA are in the process of collecting data from its members for 2022 and it would not be unreasonable to expect their average to fall closer to 2 items, possibly less.

Now that we have been able to analyse our own monitor, we can reveal that our weekly receipt for 2022 averages 3.1 items, a small fall from 2021.

That volume is split between local distributors with a 76.4% share of the overall market and Royal Mail door to door with the remaining 23.6%.

Retailers represent the largest client type with 32.9% of all items, but nearly 72% of such items are delivered by local suppliers.

Charities and local businesses share second place in the table both with 24.2% of the overall market, but, it should be noted that all of those items were delivered by local companies and all the charity items are clothes collection bags.

Direct response is the final major group with 13% of all items, but a sector which bucks the trend above, by wholly using Royal Mail door to door.

The public sector and political parties made up the very small balance, split between both final supplier options.

Widespread challenges follow us into 2023 and there are again many predictions of doom and gloom throughout the year.

But it must be said that 2022 was another hugely successful year for TLC.

Our client volume output increased still further, thanks in the main to a number of new client gains, but also a reflection of many existing clients retaining their door drop volume levels.

Most of the new business wins were for existing users of the medium seeking an alternative view of how their door drop activity could work well for them.

We pride ourselves on the highest levels of client service and provide common sense solutions and applications.

So if you are new to door drops, or an existing user perhaps seeking some fresh ideas and thoughts, feel free to get in touch at any time.

Our existing client base covers all the key business areas above and we would welcome any opportunity of a formal discussion with you.

Graham Dodd, CEO