A major step forward for the door drop industry

by Graham Dodd on 12/04/2019

Over the decades I’ve worked in the door drop industry, I’ve seen many changes.

The marketing world itself has changed hugely in that time, but despite the best efforts of scaremongers and doom merchants, the facts are that billions of leaflets are still dropped through letterboxes every year.

Years ago it was commonly dubbed a Cinderella medium and in the digital age it seems to have even more detractors, many of whom in my opinion don’t know what they talking about.

Are there really that many senior marketers in major companies and organisations frittering away their budgets by dropping leaflets on a regular basis, if the medium does not work well for them?

Response attribution has also become far tougher in these days of multi media campaigns, but door drop still plays a role, often understated I think.

So the relatively new JICMail – Mail Media Metrics service has started on an invaluable course, which I hope changes the perceptions of the doubters.

Before you click the link below, ask yourself these questions about the engagement of a leaflet door dropped by Farm Foods, who with over 300 stores nationwide is a regular user of door drops:

  1. Who in a household would be classified as the coordinator, most likely to interact with the leaflet?
  2. How many days is the leaflet likely to stay in the household?
  3. How many interactions are there with the leaflet during that time?
  4. How many commercial actions does it provoke?

Now visit the JICMail web site to view the case study.

How did your predictions fare?

And then, when you have time, in the Showcase section of the website, complete the same process by clicking the links to British Gas and Domino’s (below) for similar information on door drops.

The other links on the site are for direct mail, if that is another medium you are also interested in.

There is a wealth of other data on the site and its well worth a visit and re-visiting on a regular basis as it is continuously updated.

So for me, very much a positive change and one that perhaps just might take the medium into more recognised circles, as an authoritative information source.

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