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by Neal Dodd on 06/04/2020

For those sectors needing the support of door drop as a media option at present – particularly local & regional authorities and charities – turnaround times are critical.

Most briefs that we are given start with ‘how soon can you…?’

Under pressure to get material into homes in the shortest time possible, this will lead many people into considering the merits of team distribution vs Royal Mail door to door.

Aside from some limitations in coverage (rural areas, flats etc.), team distribution offer an excellent service – flexible, quick turnaround times and with a variety of backchecking and recall services to act as evidence of distribution.

But that excellent service comes with a cost and a timeframe.

If you’re tempted to book with a team quoting you £40 per 000’ who say they can start right away, stop and think for a moment.

The most popular page on our web site continues to be our questioning of whether ‘solus’ distribution can be offered at this cost.

If you consider that one person might deliver 1,000 leaflets in a day and you’re aware of what the national minimum wage is, then it won’t take you long to draw the same conclusion as we have, I suspect.

If you’re tempted to book with a team who say they can complete in less than a week, stop and think for a moment.

There are a range of team companies across the UK and they range from big to small.

The biggest might have dozens of distributors on their books and the smallest may have just a handful.

If one person can deliver 1,000 in a day then how many working days would it take to cover your area in total?

Using this as a guide, 50k households would take 50 working days to complete – meaning a team of 10 working flat out for 5 days. Consider whether that is realistic for the company you’re talking to – it could be, but it’s worth checking.

We understand that there is pressure on communications teams to deliver distribution quickly and at low cost.

But cost and speed is not everything in our business and you should carefully consider your options before proceeding.

TLC are an independent door drop agency with decades of experience. If you’re not sure of your best option or you’d just like to run something past us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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