Adapting to the new normal for door drops

by Graham Dodd on 17/06/2020

This week is a huge milestone with the High Street re-awakening from its Covid nightmare.

Whilst there will be a few more weeks to wait until the hospitality sector in particular returns, we are already learning how adaptable our services need to be.

Over the last month as green shoots started to appear, we have been discussing with clients and prospects how door drops can play a key role in engaging with target markets.

Whilst many are already dipping a cautious toe into the water, others are waiting to measure footfall and spend, to help determine the potential value of promotional activity.

Many are understandably concerned about spend in a Summer season when their historical trading patterns were in decline with target markets on holiday.

But will that be the case this Summer?

Europe is starting to open its borders to travel, but the UK is still to forge air bridges and even when they are agreed. how many consumers will be able or wish to travel?

We have not heard from some clients literally for months, but as furloughs start to be lifted and staff begin adapting to remote working in many cases, the level of client contact is increasing.

But it would seem, understandably, whilst negotiating a mountain of emails received over the past few months, many contacts have missed or not wholly digested door drop service updates and changes.

So, if this is a big week for you or if July/August is equally important, here is a key door drop service update :

Whatever your previous experience of using Royal Mail door to door, the norm does still exist, BUT, there is also a new normal!

No longer is there a minimum spend level to reach, booking lead times are significantly reduced and perhaps most importantly, there are a whole range of financial incentives to take advantage of, particularly the Summer Incentive.

If you are thinking of promotional activity w/c July 13th – w/c August 17th, when meeting certain criteria, there is a huge, specific discount available.

As approved resellers of the Royal Mail D2D service, we will manage your door drop requirements from start to finish, helping to ensure your objectives are achieved as efficiently as possible.

Our team network is also moving towards full capacity, with distributors increasingly willing and able to return to work.

As with many industries, the door drop world has experienced a tough few months, with weekly volumes plummeting, so we too are looking at a road to recovery.

But we are a changed world, with arms open wide awaiting your contact.

At TLC, we continue to work via our remote stations that have successfully serviced client requirements since March and we look forward to hearing from you all.

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