Advertising at the moment is a waste of time and money, right?

by Graham Dodd on 04/05/2020

As we still await plans from our Government for lockdown to be relaxed, it’s a waste of time for advertisers to be engaging with the target audience… agreed?

Perhaps not.

Wisdom from acknowledged experts such as Mark Ritson, the brand consultant and former marketing professor, alongside evidence that major multinational consumer goods companies like Proctor & Gamble have continued to promote their brands throughout the crisis, would suggest cutting back on advertising is not the best course of action.

There has been a very obvious stay at home audience to engage with over the last 6 weeks or so and whilst some businesses will start to return to whatever a new normal may be, some staff may still be furloughed for some time and for industries linked to leisure, the wait may well extend.

In the short term, some businesses have adapted their offering and need to advertise in order for people to know.

A garden centre client of ours wanted to promote created a new home delivery service three weeks ago.

They promoted on Facebook and emailed existing clients, but were also keen to generate new business, so how could they achieve that?

A door drop so successful they have already re-booked more activity, provided the answer – generating new customers at a time when their competitors have gone quiet.

Talking to one retail advertiser recently about their future plans, we were a little taken aback by a response that their “re-launch” will be entirely Facebook orientated.

Leaving aside that a third of people won’t see the message and arguably, the main audience will be existing customers… is waiting for a full re-opening of the stores really the best approach?

But it’s not just about the short term. That stay at home audience will still exist in greater numbers than the pre Covid period and as best as possible, life will go on.

The last 6 weeks has seen a surge in online shopping and if there are new converts to this style of purchase, it’s likely that they will expand the types of brands and services they purchase or use in the future.

If you’re not advertising at this time, how much potential business are you missing out on and how will affect you, long term?

Of course for some, it isn’t viable – either because the business has to be closed or because revenue has dried up.

But for the rest, is it worth a re-think?

Data shows that companies who increase their ad budgets during a recession grow sales much faster than their rivals, would suggest so.

So how should advertisers test the water at a time when many of us are suffering from online fatigue and some media channels are less effective?

Door drop is a highly targeted channel that offers you greater reach than any alternative, even more so at a time when most people are at home every day.

If it’s the engaging tool good enough for Boris to communicate with 30 million households, then what can it do for you?

Part of our independent and impartial service focuses on the importance of planning and targeting.

Given postcode units – EN8 9HU – of existing customers/users/donors etc., we can create demographic profiles, customer location heat maps, postal sector spend maps, but also offer informed advice about postal sector selection. As an example, what is the difference between your most valuable spend sector in comparison the sector with the highest spend per household?

And when considering the timing of your distribution activity, if you’d like to combine some immediate brand awareness with some longer some direct response when you business fully re-opens, why not take advantage of Royal Mail door to door’s 13 week booking cycle and stagger your door drop by area and quantity, to match your re-opening plan?

Our huge bank of knowledge will almost certainly mean we have experience of working in your business sector and we would be delighted to help you as a new user, or perhaps to provide an alternative opinion to your current suppliers?

But one key point re timing; planning distribution activity now probably sees implementation in by or in early June although it can be earlier than that, so perhaps door drops are something for you to be thinking about now?

Happy to help anyone, at any time. Stay safe.

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