Are you Festive Season ready?


I’ve recently returned from a sun blessed two weeks in Portugal, interrupted only by the odd message or call.

No emails, no LinkedIn, no office emergency aid required!

But as a business owner, that does not stop you necessarily thinking about your business and the short and long term options and objectives.

The short term thoughts were Christmas and the New Year, triggered by the next apparent shortage – turkeys!

As a family, we are yet to decide on how and when to get together, whether to dine in or out.

If we dine in, who hosts, prepares and cooks the food, or do we all dine out.

It occurred to me on my sun bed, we had yet to receive any communication on home dining with a prepared menu that just demands the final cooking touches making life so much simpler, or local eating out options.

Nothing on my doormat when I returned last week, though I have to admit one restaurant chain e-newsletter has now arrived offering Christmas delivery slots, but no menus!

So I’m in a market where I could be persuaded either way and I’m sure I’m not alone in making that decision.

Dependent on timings, we could be a party of four adults and one young child, or 6 adults and three young children, so I’m guessing of decent financial value to any local pub/restaurant (which to some degree I’d like to support), whether eating out, or a pub/restaurant delivering food, even offering take away.

So if you are a business owner or marketing specialist at such organisations, could door drop engage with your undecided local target market who may be currently thinking along similar lines to me?

Well yes it could and its not too late to organise.

There are numerous options to create local distribution plans and as independent door drop specialists, we will advise you on your options for both planning and final mile distribution, managing the whole process for you, including print if required.

So whether you have one location or many more, we’d be happy to have an informal chat about your options and how we can help you.

As I’ve written before, at the height of the pandemic, my local Italian restaurant was forced to close, so for the first time started home deliveries which enabled them to keep trading.

Now fully open, they continue to home deliver because it is so popular (and not just with me!).

The home delivery of food is a big thing these days, so is it an option for you to promote?

Or would a door drop help drive footfall into your restaurant or pub any time in the Festive Season which for most will be at least 10 days! Quite possibly even do both!

Feel free to get in touch at any time, but always bear in mind that if your local competition beat you to the process, your ideal timings may not be available.

Graham Dodd, Managing Director