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by Team on 21/08/2012

Congratulations to Team GB, SMART-Drop news, a DMA update and Christmas is coming!


Christmas is coming!

Summer will soon be at a close and whilst we are still beavering away on September campaigns for a number of clients, others are planning their pre-Christmas marketing activity.

This can be particularly important if you operate in an environment where your competitors are also known door drop users.

And with the Royal Mail D2D service guaranteeing brand, service or product exclusivity within any one week’s mix of items, can you afford to miss your prime timing slots?

We have recently experienced several situations where we have been forced to book client activity over a multiple number of weeks to guarantee primary postal sector coverage and without scaremongering; we would predict that this situation can only deteriorate.

We are already helping a range of clients to identify their primary areas of coverage and determine availability through our FREE, no obligation review service.

If now is still too early for you, just get in touch and we will diarise an appropriate time to contact you again.


In the last 6 weeks, we have signed three more agreements with free newspaper publishers to further extend the reach of the SMART-Drop free newspaper service, with more in the pipeline.

Affluent counties such as Berkshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, plus towns such as Milton Keynes are now available. For more details, click here.

SMART-Drop’s ability to provide a sub postal sector targeting and distribution service continues to attract new users from a wide range of clients.

It’s becoming increasingly common for clients to seek a combination of Royal Mail door to door and SMART-Drop, and our expertise can help clients and agencies through that planning maze.

We would be delighted at any opportunity of demonstrating our independent and impartial planning and buying skills on a speculative basis.

We are the UK’s only door drop agency who consistently provides clients with such comprehensive door drop plans.

And it’s the SMART-Drop solus service which sets us apart from any other supplier.

The bespoke creation of door drop rounds consisting of hundreds of households driven by a MOSAIC target market, perhaps in areas not available through Royal Mail D2D and/or where free newspapers do not exist, often completes a comprehensive door drop package for clients.

DMA update

There is no update currently available on Lord Young’s planned meetings with the PPA and Newspaper Society during the last month, but as soon as we hear from the DMA we will update you further.

Similarly, we are still awaiting the release of the 2011 Door Drop statistics, promised in June, but seemingly delayed for one reason or another. We are assured they will be available soon and will keep you in the loop.

There are long term plans for a door drop conference and a joint event with other DMA Councils, but there are no firm dates or details at present. Watch this space!

GI Direct

Our business associates are well known in their various fields of expertise and if you are planning a door drop campaign and looking for that something extra to provide your door drop item with the all important stand out on the doormat factor – talk to these guys!

You will find a visit to really informative and you can also obtain a FREE creative formats poster by emailing

We are happy to provide contact points.

Congratulations to Team GB!

We would like to extend hearty congratulations to Team GB for their success at the Olympics and for providing the vast majority of the UK population with so much enjoyment over the last few weeks.

And particular congratulations to Laura Trott who hails from Cheshunt and went to the same school as Neal!

We now also have a gold post box just around the corner to us and another in the town centre!


Both Graham and Neal are LinkedIn members and if you are not in our networks, just send us an invitation to join and keep up with our news and postings!

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