Graham Dodd

10 years since we changed the door drop channel forever

21 May 2020

Pre 2010, door drop targeting was almost inextricably linked to postcode sectors, meaning units of c. 3,000 households on average. Door drop planners would measure their clients’ target market density against sector household counts and activity would be booked on that basis. The majority with Royal Mail door to door, although free newspapers still offered […]

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Royal Mail Door to Door – New product details available

15 May 2020

A week ago we published skeleton details from Royal Mail door to door about significant changes to their booking process. These include shorter lead times, the removal of minimum drop values, incentives for new and lapsed users, changes to their seasonal incentive schemes, alongside greater flexibility for clients with existing volume agreements. We now have […]

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Advertising at the moment is a waste of time and money, right?

4 May 2020

As we still await plans from our Government for lockdown to be relaxed, it’s a waste of time for advertisers to be engaging with the target audience… agreed? Perhaps not. Wisdom from acknowledged experts such as Mark Ritson, the brand consultant and former marketing professor, alongside evidence that major multinational consumer goods companies like Proctor […]

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3 month door drop monitor

22 April 2020

Well the first three months of an eventful new year have passed, but how has door drop as a medium performed and has Covid 19 affected the industry? 2019’s weekly volume was 4.9, so for the first quarter of 2020 to achieve an average of 4.2 suggests the industry weathered well despite the major concerns […]

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Congratulations Neal

14 April 2020

Back in January when I received the Arthur Thompson Memorial Award, I mentioned in my acceptance speech that 2020 was going to be a big year for TLC. The timing of my award coincided with my 50th year working in the door drop industry, but that there were more milestones to follow. And April sees […]

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Why should Royal Mail stop delivering promotional leaflets?

3 April 2020

Earlier in the week, Decision Marketing published a news article about Royal Mail door to door working practices in these difficult times. Yesterday (April 2nd) they published a second article claiming Royal Mail had agreed to limit the distribution of unaddressed leaflets to households only receiving addressed mail (different to the suggestion in their first […]

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Door Drop Update – COVID-19

24 March 2020

In these difficult times, Royal Mail door to door are still delivering. Distributions can be booked at 2 weeks notice, earliest date now w/c April 6th. So if you need to communicate with the public while they are at home in their greatest numbers, please get in touch as we can provide you with a […]

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Door Drop Volumes – 5 year report

10 February 2020

Whether you are an existing user of door drops, returning to the medium, or thinking about testing the medium for the first time, there are few informative industry touchpoints to engage with. The Letterbox Consultancy’s new 5 year door drop report, unique in format and content, will offer you opinion on subjects not covered by […]

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The Arthur Thompson Memorial Award winner

24 January 2020

So, yesterday saw TLC’s first major milestone of the year; my being honoured with the Arthur Thompson Memorial Award. I’m very proud to become just the seventh recipient since the award’s inception in 2007. The award was created to mark Arthur’s passing and recognise his immense contribution to the growth of the door drop industry […]

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Could Partially Addressed Mail be an option for me?

26 November 2019

Partially Addressed Mail hits the headlines on almost a daily basis at the moment. But what is PAM in the first place? Here is the definition on Royal Mail’s website (where there is also other useful information) – Partially Addressed Mail is for advertisers prospecting to new customers. Instead of addressing a mailing item to […]

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