Graham Dodd – Arthur Thompson Memorial Award

2 October 2019

We’re delighted to confirm that our Managing Director, Graham Dodd, has been awarded the Arthur Thompson Memorial Award by the DMA, with a presentation due to take place early in 2020. The official announcement can be found here. The award was created in memory of Arthur Thompson is presented to individuals who are adjudged to […]

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DMA publishes GDPR door drop guidance

3 August 2018

The Direct Marketing Association has published an FAQ document for anyone with questions surrounding the use of data and the legitimacy of door drop marketing post-GDPR. In a welcome addition to the necessary but lengthy guides that exist in the marketplace, this guide is clear and concise, addressing many questions regarding GDPR that both clients […]

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DMA Annual Door Drop Report 2018

10 July 2018

The DMA Door Drop Annual Report for 2018 has now been released by the DMA Print Council, reporting on UK door drop volumes for 2017. This includes details about the total volume and spend, frequency and a comparative analysis against previous years. Some highlights are: The recorded frequency per week is 4.03 items, just 0.04 […]

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Royal Mail door drops – summer price incentive

8 June 2018

Are you considering undertaking door drops in a period w/c July 16th to w/c August 20th? If you are not currently considering activity, would you if there is a price incentive? Using Royal Mail door to door and providing that you distribute a minimum of 50,000 items, we can provide you with a significantly discounted […]

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Announcement: Royal Mail Door to Door price increase

6 January 2017

Royal Mail door to door have announced a price increase for their door drop service which takes effect from Monday March 27th. In the majority of UK sectors the increase will be 2%, with the remaining – more rural – sectors seeing an increase of 3%. Many postcode areas only have a handful of sectors affected by […]

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New door drop service – Yellshare

19 February 2016

2 weeks ago we launched Yellshare, the UK’s first nationwide door drop service based upon routes of 400-1000 households, which can be targeted using MOSAIC data. For some clients, Yellshare will provide a standalone solution to their door drop requirements, but for most, its more likely to form an integral part of future door drop […]

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Announcement: Royal Mail Door to Door price increase

5 January 2016

Royal Mail Door to Door price increase Royal Mail door to door have announced a price increase for their door drop service which takes effect from Monday March 28th. In 97% of UK sectors the increase has been limited to 1%, but the remaining sectors see an increase of 3%. The sectors affected by the […]

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TLC door drop newsletter – November

16 November 2015

This is the content of The Letterbox Consultancy newsletter, released on 30th October 2015. If you would like to receive this newsletter on the day of release, please get in touch. Seasonal bookings, targeting updates & a new door drop guide Festive drops With Christmas just two months away, its not too late to book door drop activity […]

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Answering at least some of your door drop questions

21 October 2015

Royal Mail MarketReach, the door drop medium’s biggest supplier, have produced a new handbook: “How to Produce Door Drops” which seeks to answer many of the questions that potential door drop users might have. To download this handbook, please click here. As an independent and impartial door drop media agency, we are often asked a […]

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TLC door drop newsletter – April

1 May 2015

Are complaints a true measure of door drop efficiency?  Clients rightly raise distribution quality concerns based upon suggestions of non receipt from residents, staff, colleagues, family or friends. Many clients will have a view on the reliability levels of Royal Mail door to door, free newspapers and/or team distribution sometimes based upon personal experience, but […]

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