Blippar helps revolutionise door drops

by Sam Grimley on 20/11/2013

Tired of using the same marketing tools?

Want to add a new, exciting and engaging dimension to your door drop activities?

Ever wondered when someone interacts with your campaign, or even know if they looked at it in the first place?

Or are you interested in knowing how many direct sales your activity created?

Blippar can help you to answer these questions by creating a meaningful and instant engagement and a stronger emotional connection with the readers through interactive mobile experience.

Moreover through these campaigns you can directly drive sales and track your results.

Blippar is a mobile platform and a game changing content channel for all smart devices – with the power to bring the physical world to life.

With Blippar’s advanced image recognition capabilities, readers can blipp door drops with no special printing required and experience video plays, recipe ideas, games, quizzes or even take their photo with their favourite celebrity.

All readers need to do is download the free Blippar app on their smart phones and point the camera on their phone to the blippable image or product.

Major brands such as Dominos, BSkyB, Monarch Airlines and Sainsbury’s Bank have all used Blippar applications within their door drop marketing.

Dominos brought their new Mexican pizza range to life, with a 3D pinatta and unique offer codes to drive orders.






BSkyB turned what would be a flat piece of paper into a movie experience for the launch of Sky Disney Movies. Potential customers were able to blipp to watch movie trailers and even had the option to upgrade there and then, just be simply pressing a button.

BSkyB (2)







Monarch Airlines dropped a leaflet versioned by different airports throughout the UK, promoting skiing holidays to destinations served by the airline, promoted by Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott.








Everything a potential customer does is fully trackable by the brand.

Your door drop may be delivered on a Tuesday, but do you know when they see it?

Blippar can tell you when a user blipps, where they blipp and even how long they blipp for to name but a few.

With this added layer of tracking, which is usually only seen on online media, you can now assess your performance and respond directly to improve results.

Let Blippar help unlock your door drop campaign with exciting new content.

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