The British Population Survey…The Largest, Most Up-to-Date Picture of Britain Today

by graham on 09/08/2011

The British Population Survey (BPS) is the definitive study of the British population, updated every month and covering family and household situations; employment; education; internet access and use; even which supermarket families use and the newspapers they read.

For people working in marketing, it provides updates on changes in the ways that customers view communication channels, which ones they trust and the sectors that they are more likely to buy from.

Door Drops and Consumers

One of the reports the BPS produces reveals the latest insights into the relationship between Consumers and the Door Drop channel, including comparisons with all other communication channels. The BPS have allowed us to reproduce a small number of tables and accompanying commentaries from their most recent Engagement Report Q2 2011.

Back in June, we wrote about the BPS and provided a link to their February research which showed that the recall of door drops, with a score of 84%, far outperformed all other forms of media and that people were more likely to respond to door drops than any other media.

But here’s a chart from the latest report which shows which commercial sectors that people find acceptable to receive door drops from. As you can see, the leading quartet are Banks, Supermarkets, Charities and Travel & Holiday businesses.

BPS Door Drops are Acceptable.

The second chart shows likelihood of purchasing products and services following receipt of a door drop leaflet. Leading this is Clothing, closely followed by Travel & Holidays, DIY & Gardening and Banks.

BPS Likelihood to Purchase by Sector.

You are free to interpret the data as you choose, but just from these two charts any media buyer for a Bank, Travel or Holiday company should be recommending door drop activity to his or her clients.

So the question to marketing departments and media agencies is can you afford to leave door drops out of your marketing plans? Door drops might not be glamorous, but they do generate results!

Door Drop Planning & Buying

If you are new to the medium we are happy to provide you with planning and buying advice; and as a door drop media independent with over 40-years experience in the sector, you can rest assured that our recommendations will not be influenced or limited by “in-house” services, unlike some other service providers.  With increasing regularity, new users are finding our door drop media planning skills ultimately make perfect sense. Sadly, some new users against our advice follow other suppliers’ plans and experience the predicted problems, but then return to take advantage of our skills.

We also provide this service to experienced door drop users who are frequently surprised at the innovative and cost-effective solutions that we can come up with.

For every client we review the standard door drop services provided by Royal Mail, free newspapers and solus/shared distribution teams. Where appropriate, we will consider the use of our own SMART-Drop targeting service as an integral part of your campaign. Despite the best efforts of some competitors, a growing number of clients are finding that SMART-Drop does have a key role to play in their door drop media mix.

SMART-Drop can act as a standalone solution for door drop campaigns, but more commonly, perfectly complements other door drop options, particularly Royal Mail.

So if you are an experienced door drop user, the next time you issue a brief to your current suppliers, brief us as well. We will, almost certainly, provide you with a thought-provoking alternative.

To discuss your next door drop campaign – contact us now.

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