TLC’s work with Cancer Research UK relates specifically to the legacy division and leaflets help promote the charity’s Free Will Service to homes across the UK.

The service is typically aimed at an over 55 audience and so the ability to target distribution to the right audience is critical. TLC’s SMART-Drop service has played a key role in this process.

The distribution is planned nationally, and leaflets introduce the service to residents, versioned to include details of local solicitors.

The effectiveness of targeting is enhanced with full use of distribution options in the market, including SMART-Drop via free newspapers and team, Royal Mail door to door and shared distribution options.

Client says:

Door drop has been a big part of promoting the Free Will Service for many years now and The Letterbox Consultancy have helped us plan activity that helps us reduce wastage and improve the average value pledge received.

Their advice regarding distribution options and their expertise in targeting has been a critical element of our planning process and the level of insight and analysis provided by TLC is invaluable.