On behalf of our clients we distribute millions of leaflets each year and, as these Opinion pieces will show, we take the state of the industry and consumer perceptions and views very seriously.

Hold on a minute!

16 May 2018

Irresponsible journalism at its finest, full of factual errors. Endorsed by a hypocritical Member of Parliament! Disgraceful. This article, written by Katie Morley in The Daily Telegraph on May 9th, (though a mirror article also appeared in the Daily Mail) claiming the average UK household currently receives a whopping 12.5 items each and every week of […]

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Do you know who you are dealing with?

8 May 2018

Over the many years I sat on the Direct Marketing Association’s Door Drop Council, a regular subject for debate was membership criteria and categories. Criteria was ultimately determined by the DMA, but working to a check list provided by a Council working party, whose goal was to ensure that only reputable door drop companies, with […]

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GDPR and door drops – the new solution

19 April 2018

Nowhere within the tsunami of articles about the effects of GDPR, have I seen any positivity toward the medium of door drops from commentators. There seems to be a groundswell of agreement that one to one channels such as SMS, telephone, email and cold direct mail have real challenges ahead of them as industries, but […]

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Door drop volumes – Q1 2018

12 April 2018

With the year’s first quarter complete, it’s time to look at our first volume update of the year. The statistics say an average of 5.9 items were received over a 13 week period, which compares to 6.3 in 2017 and 7.1 in 2016 in the first quarters of those years. Historically statistics have included a […]

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I’m trying to remember what industry I work in?

5 April 2018

Now I know I’m getting on a bit and it doesn’t take too much to confuse me these days. But. I’m not sure my industry does too much to help or promote itself, when its name keeps changing. Back in the 70’s I joined Marketforce, one of the market leaders in the house to house […]

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My company is not called Carillion!

2 March 2018

Last month when the sad demise of Carillion was confirmed, LinkedIn was flooded with theories as to why. Bad senior management and tender submissions were two common suggestions and I generally agreed with both theories, though possessed no facts to support that. I was so, so tempted to respond at the time, but, being in […]

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Door drop planning – distance or drive time or nearest?

26 January 2018

Distance, drive time or even “nearest to” briefs, are a crucial element of planning door drop campaigns for clients looking to support and drive traffic into their locations. Major High Street retailers are obvious major users of this type of planning, but it equally can apply to many other business sectors. Theatres, pubs, dentists, estate […]

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End of 2017 Volume Blog

12 January 2018

The end of 2017 generated a final weekly average of 6.3 items received during the year. Of the 328 items distributed, Royal Mail D2D delivered 89 (a weekly average of 1.7), whilst local teams/distributors delivered 232 (4.5 per week). The remaining 7 items were delivered by free newspapers early in the year, but we no […]

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Door drop planning tips – timing

8 December 2017

I’d started writing a blog about door drop timings, when on Black Friday, a BT Infinity leaflet fluttered through my letterbox along with my mail. Nothing stunningly unusual about that, BT are quite regular door drop users. What caught my eye was the leaflet headline “Save up to £400 in our Black Friday event. No […]

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Door drops are not dead either!

24 November 2017

There has recently been a proliferation of LinkedIn posts claiming direct mail is not dead, it works well with email and/or is great for catalogues. The volume of posts was undoubtedly generated because for so many contacts in my network direct mail is a business area, but even so! So, let’s redress the balance. Door […]

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