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Are online-only brands missing a trick?

12 September 2017

Solely online brands often turn to solely online marketing means. After all, that’s where their customers are right? Yet by ignoring practically half of the marketing spectrum (plus tried and tested techniques like door drops which have been used successfully for years) they are missing out on an opportunity to connect in a new way. […]

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Why Do We Turn to Door Drop Marketing?

22 November 2016

Door Drop marketing has been used by companies for years as an effective tool to reach wide audiences. However, with advancements in technology, a lot of companies are turning to digital marketing for a number of reasons; so where does this leave door drop marketing? Here’s our Top 3 reasons why a door drop marketing campaign can […]

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Door drops – an agency perspective

23 August 2016

Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that door drops are an intrusive, impactful medium. Unaddressed promotional material sitting on a doormat behind the front door must be seen by at least one person in any household, either the person at home at the point of delivery, or, the first person home later […]

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Housekeep Tips for Royal Mail Door Drop Campaigns

17 June 2016

5 Tips For Running a Royal Mail Door Drop Campaign For Household Services By Avin Rabheru, CEO & Founder, Housekeep 1. Segment & target your audience The first step is to develop a detailed view of your target audience. Housekeep provides an online platform to book, manage & pay local house cleaners across London,

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Don’t get personal

24 February 2014

Those marketers who have been around a while will remember when personalisation and laser printing revolutionised the direct mail business. These ‘old gits’ of the marketing world may be forgiven for seeing a parallel with modern digital marketing. The message from consumers seems to be; “I didn’t ask you to get personal so stop bugging […]

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Door drops – the unsung hero

16 January 2014

Medialand tends to currently focus on the importance of digital in the media mix, and don’t get me wrong, it is important, but not to the detriment of more traditional offline channels – door drops being one of them. I am a big believer in taking a holistic approach when it comes to marketing/ advertising, […]

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Blippar helps revolutionise door drops

20 November 2013

Tired of using the same marketing tools? Want to add a new, exciting and engaging dimension to your door drop activities? Ever wondered when someone interacts with your campaign, or even know if they looked at it in the first place? Or are you interested in knowing how many direct sales your activity created? Blippar […]

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Why mobile-texting zombies are not a clue to the future of marketing

15 October 2013

Walking down a pavement is becoming more and more like driving a dodgem at a fairground as you are forced to swerve, stop and start to steer round the mobile-texting zombies whose senses are trained elsewhere. And because so many peoples’ attention is seemingly anchored to their mobiles it seems reasonable to expect them to […]

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FMCG SMART-Drop case study

26 June 2013

The brand need New Covent Garden Soup is a premium quality soup made fresh every day and distributed for our delectation through your favourite supermarkets. There are 29 original recipes, carefully crafted in the Soup’s kitchen by expert cooks, that are packed full of flavour with healthy, natural, tasty ingredients. Although they invented the category, […]

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Customer satisfaction is key to growing the door drop market

22 May 2013

All of us in the industry spend much of our time persuading marketers of the power of door drops to deliver their marketing objectives, and there is clear evidence that over time this message is getting through. It is just as important, however, that we make sure the experience of using door drops is the […]

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