COVID-19 and door drop – What you need to know

by Neal Dodd on 17/03/2020

Whether you have door drop distribution booked or you are considering activity in the coming months, if you need advice about how the COVID-19 situation affects your plans then you are welcome to contact us on 01992 637333 at any time.

The Letterbox Consultancy is open as usual and ready to help with any door drop enquiries. Staff are working remotely with full access to planning and mapping systems, with phones manned in office hours as usual.

Here is some information that may help with your immediate concerns:

Are door drop companies still working?

All suppliers – Royal Mail door to door, teams and free newspaper groups are currently operating a full service.

There have been no indications that this will change up to this point but should there be any further information, we will let our clients know the same day.

Door drop offers clients the opportunity to reach people in their homes, with 100% coverage of the UK, and we are currently supporting a number of public sector clients in the distribution of public health information. We are committed to providing that service in the coming weeks.

Can I cancel my door drop booking?

If you have confirmed distribution plans with Royal Mail, team or free newspapers then this activity may be postponed and carried out at a later date.

In the vast majority of cases we will be able to cancel your activity with no additional costs and the stock can be recovered.

We would encourage you to act quickly with this and contact us if you are considering this.

Am I okay to confirm my door drop booking?

If you have plans to book door drop distribution but you are concerned that you may need to cancel, then please be assured that this is not a problem.

As per the above, all suppliers are offering a great deal of flexibility with their cancellation terms and so if you were to book activity and subsequently need to cancel, this can be managed.

Consider your creative and copy

For those clients booking activity for the coming weeks and months, our advice would be to consider reviewing your creative and copy to avoid any time sensitive information.

This will mean that should the distribution need to be cancelled, the printed material will not be wasted and can be used for distribution in the future.

It is also advisable to look at directing people online as much as possible, rather than to events or in store.

We hope this is helpful but if you have specific job related queries then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the usual channels.

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