In light of the recent announcement for England to enter a second national lockdown from Thursday 5th November, to last at least four weeks, here are some key details for your door drop bookings and plans.

Distribution will continue with Royal Mail door to door and teams, though there are things to be aware of.

Royal Mail Door to Door

  • Distribution to continue – Monday to Saturday, as usual.
  • Deadline for booking distributions w/c 30th November (the week that lockdown ends) is Friday 13th November.
  • Distributions may be cancelled without charge if Covid-19 is the cause. If stock has been delivered into Royal Mail WBCs then charges will apply.


  • Distribution will continue throughout the week, as usual.
  • Subject to availability, team distribution can begin as soon as print is delivered.
  • Distributions may take longer to complete than usual where staffing is reduced, and so enquiries will be handled per location with feedback and estimated completion provided.

If you are considering booking activity in early December then we would recommend planning and booking this as soon as possible, with a review then arranged for prior to stock delivery.

We would also recommend that you take possible delays into account with creative and copy e.g. coupon expiration dates.

If you have any queries regarding the lockdown period and your leaflet distribution plans, please contact us to discuss further.