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by Alistair_Ezzy on 16/05/2012

Door Drops are economical and effective, but could they have more impact?

Often, they are simply a single A5/A4 sheet or 4 page leaflet.

There are a number of ways you can get more from your door drop programme, with little extra cost, to help create that vital “stand out on the doormat”.

To make this easier, as specialists, GI Direct provide a website full of format ideas. Here is an overview of those ideas, and you can click here or on the URL further down this page to view an animation of these.

Changing your format

Consider these alternative formats to get your message across:

Make it a shape – One challenge for all users of door drops is how to make their item stand out on the doormat. One way is through die-cutting the item into a shape. This will attract attention and improve the number of people engaging with the offer.

Make it a pull-out – Entice the customer with an instruction to ‘Pull Here’. This creative device lets you put your full promotional information inside an outer wallet for a dramatic reveal. This can include a coupon to increase response rates.

Make it a wallet – A simple wallet format lets you include separate, smaller pages inside an outer wallet. The pages inside could be made to look like photos of the product; or tickets for a retail outlet or coupons for a special offer. Including your offer in a wallet increases the level of expectation and thus involvement with the promotion.

Make it an Inline Pack – A pack can be the right format for your campaign, but perhaps the cost or the timescales to produce one are a problem? An inline pack is a generic letter inside an envelope, but produced in a single operation. This is quick and cost-effective and doesn’t require additional envelopes, or the time needed for enclosing. An additional separate insert can be included – as can a business reply envelope.

Make it a slider – To ensure your message is interactive, a slider is a great tool. You can include finger tabs to show where to pull the inner section and show your advertising message inside. If you include apertures in the outer wallet, you can reveal different aspects of your message as you extract the inner – creating interest and response.

Adding a creative feature

It is a simple process to add an interactive feature to your door drop item to make it more memorable. Any of the suggestions here will improve impact:

Add a tipped-on card – The addition of a tipped-on card gives the customer something to keep – allowing your offer to be retained until it is most relevant. The card could be personalised with a local offer or contact point or person to increase its relevance and drive redemption.

Add a note – A re-peelable note on the front of your door drop catches attention. You can add your phone number or website address and let customers keep it until they need to contact you. Or add a teaser to make them open the door drop item.

Add scent – Adding an area of scratch and sniff to a door drop can increase the level of engagement from the customer and increase the emotional response to your offer.

Add a pop-up – A pop-up can enhance the creative concept to increase the engagement and response to the piece

Add a label – A re-peelable label can be included within a door drop to give your customers something to keep. This information could relate to a way of communication with you or your promotion and allows them to retain information until it is needed.

Keeping it green

There are a number of suggestions on how to reduce the environmental impact of your door drop campaign:

– Carefully target your campaign

– Use a 14001 certificated production facility

– Use recycled / FSC / PEFC paper

– Consider the format to get the best use of paper

– Add a recycled logo

GI Direct are at the cutting edge of new opportunities and developments in the industry and would be delighted to discuss your precise requirements at any time.

All of these suggestions and more can be viewed at

For more information on new formats for door drops, you can attend the free Direct Mail and Door Drop Seminar at GI Direct – click here for more details.

For more information on any of the topics covered here, you can also contact me on 07970 232 491 or email

We will also be attending The Letterbox Consultancy’s SMART-Drop seminar in Birmingham on Wednesday May 23rd and would be delighted to talk to you then.

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