Door Drops for Promotional Marketers

by Team on 26/01/2012

Michael Herson of The Strategy Works writes in Promotional Marketing about what door drops can offer today’s promotional marketers.

He asserts that some marketing professionals continue to overlook the strengths of door drops in the marketing mix, swayed by negative stereotypes of the media, rather than looking at door drops key strengths, such as the power to deliver a tangible piece of marketing material into the hands of consumers in the place where it is normally most relevant to them, the home.

Our own Graham Dodd was interviewed by Herson for the article and raised the important issue that today door drop also work well with new digital media, saying “We’ve regularly dropped leaflets solely designed to drive consumers online – for instance for ferry operators and days out attractions, who take online bookings, and to drive consumers to websites for fmcg companies and a wide range of retailers,” adding, “It works efficiently in isolation or in combination with other media”.

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