Digital vs door drop? Perhaps a combination is the answer?


digital vs door drop.

“We only have a digital presence, so door drops would not work for us”.

Was the first line of a response to an email I sent to what I considered to be a new business opportunity.

My contact motivation was fuelled by the experience and knowledge of previously working on behalf of a company operating in the same market sector.

I knew it worked well for them, though the true level of success we believed was masked by their attribution model, but that’s a different story!

My polite response focused on the recent launch of their business and questioned how any consumer looking to engage with a supplier in their field would discover their existence?

A few Google searches using several different triggers revealed their main competitor on the first page of every trigger. Alongside others I’d never heard of (!), the one specific name I was seeking featured on the first page of one search only and even then, right at the bottom.

I suggested conducting a door drop test on a very simple formula.

Let’s create a test matrix, but not make it overly complicated at the first stage. So perhaps one, possibly two creatives at the most, obviously within postcode areas your service covers, but mixed demographically.

To get a fix on your existing customer demographics, if you share postcode unit data – i.e. EN8 9HU – we can assign “types” to each postcode. A GDPR compliant process because we are not accessing single address data.

After discussion with you, we can agree which types to target across each of your areas, selecting postal sectors with high density of the target market. The area type selections may differ by region, but that’s not an issue as it is based upon your historical data.

With final mile distribution through Royal Mail door to door, we can take the learnings from the original test and then test again. What’s the old maxim, test, test and test again?

You also measure the leads in the door drop areas against your remaining coverage areas only receiving your digital promotional activity at the same time. We would expect you to see a difference!

“I’m still not sure. Don’t people just throw leaflets away? Is there any proof leaflets drive online visits? And even if they do visit, do they buy?”

Enter JICMail to answer those questions and more.

There is a groundswell of opinion suggesting many people in the short to medium term (at least) will not return to the office full time and others not at all.

So the flutter of the letterbox will continue to trigger immediate door drop interest and subsequent commercial actions in many instances.

And if the consumer has not previously heard of you when they review the leaflet, what might then be their first action  – Google?

But if the action is triggered by a door drop item, attribute the response accordingly and not Google Pay Per Click!

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Graham Dodd, Managing Director