Throughout Covid, in so many different areas which affect all our lives, the blame game is still enjoying massive prominence in our news feeds.

Whoever Clarity is, he or she has never enjoyed such prominence.

Whatever the issue seems to be, the majority of people being interviewed shuffle the blame on to a third party, though the media plays a huge role in promoting the “issues” and rarely giving air time to success stories I believe.

One great example is the travel industry, where as consumers many of us use a middle man to book flights, cruises, accommodation, complete holidays etc., but gaining refunds is for many a traumatic experience and one I endured.

But the experience did make me think of our positioning as a “middle man” on door drop activity.

When I set TLC up nearly 25 years ago, its independence and impartiality were key elements of our offering and to this day, still are.

We always have and will continue to sub-contract 100% of all clients door drop activity to an approved list of suppliers.

But irrespective of which final mile suppliers are involved, door drop is not a perfect science, errors will be made and questions asked.

Having recommended the supplier/s, it’s our responsibility to investigate queries on behalf of our client, seeking a solution which all parties agree on. Not all queries of course are valid and the success of door drop activity depends upon many variables, not only the quality of the final mile service.

But clients should be aware that some suppliers do not offer any proof of distribution and there is no industry standard.

We have recently updated our Team distribution Terms & Conditions, so that clients are aware of such detail, but commonly find chatting them through pre distribution provides a greater understanding of the service/s they are buying into.

Some but not all team/walker suppliers offer tracking systems which vary from individual distributors to vehicles. The format of the downloaded data will be different between suppliers and its not unknown for signal reception in rural areas and inner cities to be inconsistent, so we don’t consider it to be the holy grail that others do.

Backchecking can also vary between face to face and observed, but is becoming increasingly limited.

Our own backcheck recall study on perfect distribution (results available to share) will show on the same day as the distribution, the number of residents who will deny receipt, which predictably increases as the days and weeks slip by. And the households definitely received it! So perfect distribution will produce imperfect recall from day one.

Royal Mail door to door does not offer any form of external validation reports, but provides the comfort of using full time, employed staff. But perfection is still not guaranteed and even simple human error can result in distribution queries.

Some suppliers may suggest otherwise and allude to perfection, so a dose of reality from an impartial and independent door drop specialist will paint a more realistic picture of what to expect.

Here at TLC, we are happy to talk through your options, their benefits and weaknesses, with your best interests in mind at all times.

We genuinely will provide a door drop plan best suited to your needs with no obligation to proceed.

Feel free to get in touch via the website, email or call 01992 637333. We are here to help.