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by graham on 02/05/2013

On Friday April 19th, the DMA Door Drop Board Committee held an open meeting in London to review activities since its formation 2 years ago.

TLC attended and were generally disappointed.

Outside of Board and Working Party companies (and their associates), there were just four other companies in attendance, one not even a door drop supplier and one who is a potential new member so we suppose that is some good news – but just two existing door drop members, of which we were one!

The meeting was split into four presentations of varying quality and content.

The meeting was always going to be reflective, but there were spurious comments and claims made by some speakers which may have gone over the heads of many delegates, but not TLC who know better!

The day kicked off the day with a review mainly consisting of a DEFRA update and despite 3 meetings between the DMA & DEFRA in the last year or so, little seems to have progressed, which is not necessarily the fault of the DMA.

The lack of progress is slightly surprising given the meeting called by the DMA in January 2012, where DEFRA had timetabled a process to come to fruition in April/May 2012.

The January meeting agreed that was never going to happen, but a year on from the implementation timing still nothing has happened.

The Board Committee promised to keep members more in the loop in future, even if there is nothing to say, which would be good.

An MLA update primarily centred around the 2012 statistics.

They were promised in the February newsletter for March and its now May, they are available, but have still not been formally released.

The presentation content was embargoed so we cannot share information with you at this moment in time, but hopefully we will not have to wait too much longer.

The weakest presentation in terms of content came on Events.

The truth is that there has not been a dedicated door drop event since October 2010 which is dreadful. There is apparently a June conference, but again we await details.

Two back to basics sessions are also in the pipeline for the Autumn and Spring 2014 (!).

Such events always used to be held more regularly and regionally and its a shame that does not happen any more to help the general education process.

Finally there was a presentation on research and social media.

There is a Toluna research package available for members to use and members wishing to have input on yet another DMA website re-design were invited to submit ideas by May 23rd.

The problem there is that the attendance at the meeting was so poor that many members will be unaware of Toluna and the need for website input.

Both should be promoted to members via a newsletter in our opinion.

Working party constitutions were also presented and scarily consist of members drawn from the major players, entirely reflecting the constitution of the Board Committee.

It was even said at one point that is the case because of the majority of the input on most subjects comes from those companies!?

Perhaps that’s because SME’s no longer have a representative voice in relation to the size of their membership at Board Committee level?

The Board will claim SME’s interests are fairly represented by one (team company) person on the Board, but we do not agree with that.

The meeting was asked to consider putting staff on working parties, but go back to the attendance of the meeting and think about that!

Perhaps a more formal request should be made by the newsletter?

We came away slightly under whelmed, but did pick up one or two interesting titbits, so perhaps just about worthwhile attending.

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