Door drop marketing.Last week the DMA released the 2019 door drop volume and spend statistics and the full report is available to download here. It’s an important factor in tracking door drop marketing progress.

Headline fact in relation to door drop weekly receipt is a small fall from 3.8 to 3.3 items, in contrast to our survey findings for last year of 5 items per week.

As in previous years, our comment on the “annual difference” between the two reports is that the DMA statistics accurately reflect the “national market”, but not the local market.

The very fact that Royal Mail door to door, by far the UK’s largest final mile delivery supplier are a major part of the DMA statistics, suggests a high degree of accuracy of the national market.

In our experience, the smaller, local drops are completed by the clients themselves or the smaller, more local team operators who are not in the main members of the DMA, so don’t contribute to the report.

So I’d welcome input from any local or regional team operators, who not members of the DMA, as to whether they would be prepared next year to participate in the annual scheme going forward?

The anonymised input is all handled by the DMA centrally and the Door Drop Hub (which includes Neal) then produce this report in conjunction with the DMA.

It would be in the best interests of the entire door drop marketing industry for as many final mile suppliers to contribute to the scheme as possible, to allow the DMA to produce a report that has increased accuracy, importance and relevance in relation to the size of the market.

The report also focuses on the increasing importance of JICMail to the door drop industry and its client users.

JICMail’s top line details on leaflet engagement, retention and commercial actions are all endorsing and emphasising the power of door drops and are providing results which should encourage advertisers to consider the medium as a real opportunity to reach out to their target markets.

We are far from the end of Covid I fear, but in time, if the practices of millions of UK workers are changed forever and if working from home entirely or for many possibly partly, becomes the new norm, door drop marketing will continue to be a medium which will continue to engage with residents at a time when they are at home.

JICMail’s reading of engagement levels may well increase as a result?

Just think about this. If you are reading this in your home office, or working from your dining or kitchen table and you hear the letterbox flap, will you get up to see what has been delivered?

That’s engagement!