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by Graham Dodd on 02/03/2017

The door drop volumes report for 2015 has been released by the DMA and can be read in full by clicking the link below.

The top headline from the recently published DMA Door Drop volume and expenditure report for 2015, was that industry volume had fallen by 4% from 6.181 billion to 5.934 billion in comparison to 2014.

Expenditure – the actual cost of distribution – was reported as falling 6.08% from 2014.

That suggests 4.2 items are received weekly by each UK household.

The statistics are gathered through data collected from DMA door drop member companies and can be accessed here.

The report suggests – as it has for several years now – that improved targeting opportunities have contributed greatly to the overall volume decline.

The Letterbox Consultancy’s own volume monitor once again however provides a conflicting view of industry volumes, where our weekly average for 2015 was 7 items.

We believe the difference is in what we would call “the local market”, whose door drop activity is most likely to be completed by similarly small, local distribution companies, not members of the DMA and therefore not picked up by the report.

In our opinion, the DMA really needs to fund research into the volume report (which need not be a huge amount of money) which perhaps its nationwide members are possibly best equipped to implement?

What we are in full agreement with is the importance of targeting to clients.

“Blanket” coverage probably has a role in any door drop plan, unless your primary target market is niche, but our sub sector targeting volumes have grown year on year since we launched our SMART-Drop service in May 2010.

Nearly 7 years on, SMART-Drop is an integral element of many clients activity programmes and for some, commonly clients new to the medium, is a standalone solution.

Improved targeting can decrease individual campaign volumes, but can also increase the number of campaigns a client may conduct.

TLC provides more final mile distribution opportunities than any other UK door drop supplier, so, if your current agency and/or their preferred supplier for whatever reason do not propose these improved targeting options to you, feel free to contact us on 01992 637333 at any time for a second opinion.


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