Door drops should be uppermost in many advertisers minds as a result, particularly if other posts suggesting consumers are suffering from digital fatigue are to be believed.

But with no stampede in sight in terms of a return to office life and possibly more stay at home holidays for many, is that audience still available to advertisers and will it be there for weeks, possibly months to come?

What are you thinking if you are a client; what’s the best print option in isolation or combination with other channels? How quickly can I turn it on? Is targeting available? What sort of cost am I looking at?

AND – will it work? Where can I obtain assurance and reliable information on how to achieve success with door drops?

Client case histories? Everyone wants to see them, but few are prepared to provide them.

So we thought we would share a few lockdown experiences with you, but would be equally happy to have a chat about how we may be able to help you through our multiple final mile, door drop opportunities.

Garden centre – closed because of Covid. In financial trouble. Their solution – start a home delivery service and use door drops to promote the service. Result – day 2 into a 5 day delivery cycle, wow, can I book another distribution for two weeks time!

Pub/restaurant – closed because of Covid. In financial trouble. Their solution – start a home delivery and collection service and use a phased door drop plan to promote the service. Result – end of week one, wow, can I postpone the next phase until I can bring more staff back from furlough!

Department store – closed because of Covid. In financial trouble. On day one of re-opening, we contacted them and asked if they were contemplating a door drop to promote the fact they were open again? Response – will wait and see the extent of footfall and sales, early days. A week later. How soon can you……! One day later, door drop plan signed off and implemented.

And as other business sectors have been allowed to re-open, who has similarly used door drop to promote their services and are enjoying success : care homes, DIY shops and warehouses, estate agents, small independent shops (dog groomers, barbers etc,), car dealerships and most recently gyms and leisure centres and more.

But remember, door drops are not only an excellent footfall generator, they will also drive traffic online to your website.

The planning dynamics for door drops have also changed during Covid and the industry has re-modelled how it now operates.

So whatever your perception or experience of using door drops in the past, think again and take advice as early as possible.

By all means speak to your preferred supplier, but would a second, independent opinion also be helpful?

TLC are of course a true door drop media independent, with no in-house final mile door drop solutions, so our recommendations and proposals will genuinely be impartial and with your best interests uppermost in our minds.

And decades of experience, almost certainly working with your business sector, can be applied to help you achieve promotional success.

Just get in touch, we will be delighted to help.