Do you believe in coincidences?


A couple of weeks back, we celebrated out JICMail Platinum accreditation award and rightly so.

We are one of only 10 UK companies awarded the status and even more importantly, one of only three organisations whose front line service is planning and booking final mile door drop solutions for clients.

So we are in a very select band.

JICMail data is available to all, so in reality any of the other UK door drop suppliers can access the data and we know (pleasingly) that within a few competitors, some individuals have attained personal status awards.

But Platinum status demands client case histories detailing the use of Jicmail data at the planning stage and importantly, details of the campaigns’ success to demonstrate that data access improved campaign response.

At the time of the award, we were knee deep in a major door drop user’s tender, which included many questions relating to our expertise in planning successful door drop campaigns for other clients.

And posed questions about what distinguished us from our competitors?

With some certainty, we felt our JICMail status would separate us from at least some of the other bidders.

After an anxious and slightly prolonged wait, the call came in on Tuesday that we had been successful and we are truly delighted.

For us it means we have retained one element of a hugely respected door drop user’s activity, but now added their other primary use of the medium.

Speaking personally, I look upon the tender success with huge pride, not only because of the win, but also the real reasons behind that success.

Most pleasingly, its another milestone and nail in the coffin of door drop users choosing suppliers for financial reasons.

I’ve worked through decades of agencies and clients buying on price, often getting their fingers burned, leading some to dismiss the medium based upon their results, but blaming the medium rather than their media buying.

Quality of overall service should always outweigh price and it pains me to still come across door drop organisations leading on price rather than quality.

To be fair to clients, I think the door drop industry still also has suppliers who perhaps are limited in explaining to a client precisely what the charge they pay will actually provide and I believe that’s still a black mark for the industry.

I’ve always considered if you are providing an efficient and reliable front line service, it has a financial value and clients need to understand that.

It’s quite common in discussion with a potential new client who considers our charge too high in comparison to competitors, for us to suggest a split test between two suppliers.

Should our cost per response better the competitor’s, does that not prove good planning plus reliable and efficient distribution?

For us, having supplied a door drop plan based upon real time data and experiences, its vital we also provide door drop services that truly deliver to complete the circle.

We are always available for an informal chat about your needs and objectives.

We will happily supply some specimen data for you to review and consider.

So feel free to contact, Neal, Chris or Graham at any time, through the contact page on the website or by emailing

Look forward to hearing from you.

Graham Dodd, Managing Director